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Friday, November 9, 2012

Appointment Controversy Hits Gour Banga Varsity Authority

Malda November 8, 21012: After the admission row, University of Gour Banga (UGB) was caught in a recruitment controversy where the Chancellor’s nominee was ignored while appointing Associate Professors and all important post of Audit Officer. Fingers were raised against Vice Chancellor who reportedly flouted the University Law while issuing appointment for the posts.

As per the latest UGC Regulations and West Bengal University Laws (Amendment) Act, 2011 regarding the composition of Selection Committee for post of Associate Professor in the University it is said that the selection committee must include a nominee of the Chancellor. But in the interview held in September this year for appointing Associate Professor for Bengali and History in UGB, there was no representative of Chancellor i e Governor of West Bengal. Even the Head of the Department of Bengali Souren Banerjee too was not included in the selection committee.

Prof Aditya Lala was appointed in Bengali although the University Council was kept in dark. Similarly in History too Chancellor’s nominee was not present in the selection committee although the selected candidate did not join eventually in the post.

In both the cases allegation was raised against Vice Chancellor Achintya Biswas who allegedly willfully violated the norms. Only three members were present in the Selection Committee. All of them were selected by Biswas. It is categorically mentioned in the West Bengal University Laws (Amendment) Act, 2011, that the nominee of the Vice-Chancellor shall be the head of the selection committee. But Biswas himself was present throughout the interview.

Worse, as per Section 30(1) of the University of Gour Banga Act (After Amendment), there should be at least four members to constitute the quorum for a meeting of the selection committee. But only three members were present there.

However, irregularity was at its lowest ebb in appointing Audit Officer of UGB. Here no nominee of the Chancellor or nominee of the State Government was invited in the Selection Committee violating the University Act. First of all, the Vice-Chancellor constituted the selection committee by violating the provisions of the 58(5) of the Gour Banga University Act 2007. Worse, without any approval of the University Council the Vice-Chancellor unlawfully recruited one Binoy Halder as the Audit Officer.

Prof Dulal Ghosh, a member of University Council asked, “How can the same person become the recommending as well as approving authority?” He added, “The appointment process was totally illegal and unethical. VC can not appoint bypassing the Council. We’re certainly drawing the attention of Education Minister in this regard.”

However, Biswas was unfazed, “Only the Selection committee for the appointment of Officers like Registrar, Controller of Examinations and others need the nominee of Chancellor. It is not imperative for other posts, so far I know”, said Biswas without disclosing why did seek the names of Chancellor’s nominees.  

It may be recalled that Biswas was caught in admission row in the university when a candidate  was recommended by him to be admitted in MA in Education flouting the merit list.   

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