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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Congress In fight Bare on Ghani Khan’s Birthday

Malda, November 1, 2012: The battle within the Congress exposed once again as the dissident Congress MLA of English Bazaar and chairman of English Bazaar Municipality (EBM) Krishnendu Choudhury today alleged after garlanding the statue of late Ghani Khan on his 86th birth anniversary that descendants of Ghani were treating both the legendary leader and the Congress as a private limited company. State Youth Congress President MP and Ghani’s niece Mausam Noor reiterated Choudhury’s attack terming the latter as an ‘opportunist.’

Choudhury who is about to join the Trinamul Congress after Kali puja today reached Malda after two days tour in Kolkata during which he met Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and other senior Trinamul leaders like industry minister Parth Chatterjee. Chatterjee said that Trinamul would heartily welcome redoubtable leader Mr Choudhury.

Choudhury straight went to Bridabani ground at the heart of the town after he reaches Malda town station. There amid a large crowd of Congress supporters he garlanded the statue of late Ghani Khan which he himself founded at his own cost in 2009.

Ghani's Birthday Programme by Krishnendu Choudhury (Photo: Bubai Das)
Choudhury, who was allegedly not invited by the Khan Choudhurys to Ghani’s birthday programme, said, “Now the legendary leader and the dist Congress has been turned into a private limited company by his brothers, nephews and nieces and they are enjoying the shares.” Terming them as ‘European migratory birds’ he said, “They have come to Malda after Barkat Da’s demise only to enjoy power claiming themselves to be his descendants. They are selling Barkat da’s property which the departed leader didn’t sell even during his hard times,” he said claiming that even gross irregularities were going in in Ghani Khan Choudhury Institute of Engineering and Technology (GKCIET) funded by the Union government.

Attacking the new Union health minister of state and Ghani’s brother Dalu, Choudhury said, “He was in Delhi to be a minister at any cost so that he can better protect his family members and enjoy red beacon light. They have no respect for Barkat Sahib but treat him as their fixed deposit.”

“I proposed to hang a photograph of Ghani Khan in state assembly and speaker Biman Bandopadhyay has agreed. Now onwards Barkat da’s birthday would be duly observed in the assembly which the Ghani’s so called descendants never did despite being MLAs. They have no record of being tortured by the CPI-M like us,” the dissident Congress MLA said. He mocked that Dalu Babu had so much respect for Barkat Da that he didn’t care to come to Malda to offer flowers to Ghani’s tomb.

Noor, who separately observed Ghani’s birthday in Hayat Bhawan – the district Congress office today, countered Mr Choudhury’s attack. Terming him as an ‘opportunist’ Noor said, “He has the record of changing colors according to convenience. He is now trying to be a minister and that’s why worshipping Mamata Banerjee. It’s the Congress that made him an MLA, the chairman of EBM a member of the AICC and the secretary of the state Congress committee. Hence his allegation of being neglected is bogus.”
Mausam Noor and Isha Khan paying floral tribute to Ghani's Photograph (Photo: Joy Roy)

“We didn’t invite any of the Congress leaders separately. It was Choudhury’s responsibility as the local municipality chairman to arrange the programme which he didn’t and hence such allegation of negligence doesn’t suit him,” she said.

She informed that a written complaint would be lodged against Choudhury soon for his anti-party activities to the AICC and state Congress leadership.

Late Ghani’s brother AN Khan Choudhury (Lebu) too rubbished Choudhury’s allegation of dynastic politics against Khan Choudhury’s. “We are all qualified and have foreign degrees and we deserve such honors. Krishnendu is ambitious and now longs for beacon light and ministerial power. I wish him luck,” Khan Choudhury said mockingly.

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