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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dalu Advises Mamata to Follow Gujrat Model of Development

Malda November 13, 2012: After Adhir Ranjan Choudhury, it is the turn of Abu Hasem Khan Choudhury (Dalu). Forsaking the war of words, Dalu is now to offer olive branch to Chief Minister; even the style of Narendra Modi too is not that much forbidden for him.

It is impossible to get the firebrand Mamata-baiter in the Union Minister of State for Health and Family Planning when he met the media today. Unlike previous warring attitude to Mamata, Dalu said, “We have to work together for the development of the state. Congress, TMC and even CPM too have to come forward for the sake of the development following the Gujarat model. There the different parties become united on the question of state’s development. Chief Minister Narendra Modi takes an important role there. Here too the CM has to take major role.”

If praising Modi was a surprise, the tone was softer on the issue of land policy as well. “Perhaps the govt had in mind that West Bengal has little land while deciding against taking land from the farmers. But time has come to review the policy. If needed, we have to acquire barren land, one-crop land to set up industry.”

On this issue comes the all-important question of AIIMS. Far from the previous defiant attitude, he conceded the importance of state govt’s role on this issue. “We have to settle the issue prior to the Winter Session of Parliament. Thus I’m sending letter to Chief Minister seeking her time. There I’ll impress upon her that we are offering money as well as the land in Raiganj. Now we need the state govt’s nod to set up AIIMS there. Without state govt’s permission, such a project could not come up.”

It may be recalled that only yesterday Union Minister of State for Railways, Adhir Choudhury appealed for state govt’s cooperation in acquiring land for railway projects. Dalu too echoed him saying, “On the issue of development quarrels do not yield anything. As the state govt cooperated on the projects like Ghani Khan Choudhury Technical University, similar cooperation too is needed in other projects.”

He informed that on 19th of this month three Union Ministers---Dalu, Adhir Choudhury and Deepa Dasmunshi—along with PCC chief Pradip Bhattacharya would visit Haldia to assess the situation there. “We’ll submit a report to Sonia Gandhi”, Dalu said.        

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