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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Dissent Brews in Cong over Expulsion of Party Members

Malda, November 22, 2012: The district Congress committee's expulsion of two Congress leaders for "anti-party" activities has failed to quiet dissent.

Malda town Congress president Debapriya Saha and district Chhatra Parishad (CP) president Prasenjit Das were expelled for six years by direction of Khan Choudhury yesterday. General secretaries of DCC Mostaque Alam and Narendranath Tiwary in a press meet said that Saha and Das were expelled for openly criticizing Khan Choudhury which was regarded as a serious breach of party discipline.

Tiwary was appointed the town Congress president of Malda and Alam informed that name of new district CP president would also be declared shortly.

It has been learnt from sources that the DCC expected that after the expulsion of these two veterans no other Congress leader would openly criticize the DCC president.

But contrary to their expectations a senior Congress councilor of English Bazaar Municipality (EBM) Ashish Kundu sternly criticized Khan Choudhury today. “He is an incompetent and worthless person to manage the district Congress. He has no record of standing by the common Congress workers when they are humiliated by opposition as well as the police. Khan Choudhury’s removal as DCC president is an imperative for the survival of the Congress in Malda,” Kundu said.

He openly declared that he was still in the Congress and despite his loyalty to the AICC and the Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC), he would sustain personal intimacy with the new tourism minister of the state Krishnendu Choudhury who quit the Congress on 20 November revolting against Khan Choudhury.

Rural Congress president of English Bazaar and siksha karmadhakshya Abdul Matin, who even attended a DCC programme against Trinamul, interestingly said, “Politics is a different issue. But my relation with Krishnendu Choudhury would remain intact.”

Hence, the Congress leaders have now decided to go slow in taking action against Choudhury aides who are still in the Congress. Even Choudhury’s wife and councilor of the EBM Kakali Choudhury as not yet been expelled. “She has not said anything against Dalu babu yet. So why should she be expelled?” 

Alam clarified adding that they would not take arbitrarily take action against the Congress leaders known to be intimate to the new tourism minister.

Meanwhile, Saha and Das, two expelled leaders declared today that being disillusioned at Mr Khan Choudhury’s leadership they would join the Trinamul shortly and work under Choudhury.

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