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Monday, November 12, 2012

Dogs Rally in Malda Demanding Prevention of Sound Crackers on Diwali

Malda, November 11, 2012: Dog lovers of Malda got on the streets today with the appeal to abstain from using sound-crackers on occasion of Diwali. It’s the first time a kennel club was formed too in the district today which would take a bigger shape on 25 November.

Citizens of English Bazaar were amazed by such a rally this morning when the dog lovers with their pet dogs traversed the main roads of Malda town. District project officer (DPO) of ICDS and district social welfare officer Pratyarpan Singha Roy, who organized the rally, said, “Sound crackers have formidable effect on dogs. The sound cast a disastrous effect on the dogs’ health and often they suffer a cardiac attack and die premature deaths.”

“Hence, we appealed the citizens to enjoy the Diwali with patakas that do not produce deafening sounds but only colorful lights. We must remember that the festival of light should not bring darkness to the life of the animals,” Singha Roy said.

He informed that the first kennel club in Malda under the banner ‘Kennel Club of Malda’ was formed today. “We enlisted 30 members on the first day and indeed there would be many dog lovers would join us soon. There would be a meeting on 25 November to give the club a formal form,” he informed as the convener of the club.

Dog-lovers' rally in Malda on Sunday
                         Photo: Goutam Karmakar

“We have primarily decided to take up programmes like helping the dog lovers buy the dogs of genuine breeds. At the same time we would consider running a creche for the dogs and their proper treatments as our priority. We would demand proper treatment of animals in veterinary hospitals and free immunization too,” Sigha Roy said.

He added that vasectomy of the stray dogs would also be in their priority list. “There is a law to prevent cruelty against animals. Now, we would try to prevent such cruel acts against animals in the district,” he said.

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