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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Export Indefinitely Halted at Indo-Bangla Border

Malda November 10, 2012: Hundreds of Bangladesh bound trucks were stalled at border as the export was stopped following the attack on truck drivers by the miscreants at Mahadipur Export Centre. This morning two truck drivers were wounded by the miscreants after they refused to pay the money demanded by them. It is alleged that the miscreants were also trying to snatch the goods in the lorries.

Driver Harneek Singh, an inhabitant of Gurudaspur, Punjab was taking truck load of fruits to Bangladesh in his lorry (H R -55/L-1166). He was caught by the miscreants at Mahadipur who demanded money from him. Singh refused and the miscreants tried to snatch the goods from the lorry. Resisting them both Singh and his helper Raju Lal were roughed up. Another driver Sushil Roy who was taking maize to Bangladesh came to help singh. He also was roughed up. They were even wounded with knife before they were rescued by other drivers at the export centre.

Both Singh and Raju were admitted to hospital. A complaint was lodged to police. Later, infuriated drivers stopped driving lorries demanding their security. As many as 600 trucks were stalled in the border. Exporters too joined their causes. Uzzwal Saha, on behalf of the exporters said, “It is a regular problem in the border by the local miscreants. We have informed police repeatedly and demanded round the clock security but of no avail.”    

Samir Ghosh of Mahadipur Exporters’ Association said, “On the face of falling price of Indian Rupee, we bring foreign currency. Union govt gives us incentive. But the local administration is lackadaisical to our demand of security. Export will not resume till the miscreants were arrested and the security ensured.” Pijush Kanti Mandal, the Customs official informed that stopping of export would face a daily loss of $ 30000.

SP, Malda Jayanta Pal, however, refused the allegation saying, “It is not true that we are indifferent to the exporters’ security. Rather a regular monitoring on our part is made in Mahadipur. Today’s incident is a separate issue and we’ll soon arrest the culprits.”      

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