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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Farmers Agitate against Agriculture Department’s Supply of Poor Seeds

Malda, November 7, 2012: Supplied by the agricultural department under the scheme of Green Revolution in eastern India the seeds failed to yield despite all the care and manuring. On the face of huge loss aggrieved farmers agitate before the scientists and researchers. Yesterday they along with the sub divisional agriculture officer were gheraoed for hours by the irate farmers at Harishchandrapur of North Malda. CPI-M backed Krishak Sabha alleged that the scenario was the same throughout the state.

It is learnt that under the scheme of BGREI about 1850 bigha of land under Harishchandrapur-2 block were cultivated and paddy seeds IET- 4094 were sown. Initially, the plants were grown well but finally they did not yield. In some cases, the seeds were not blown, in some it fell premature. The farmers faced huge loss. Farmers like Deben Mandal, Abdul Gafur, Mohammed Ilias and others alleged that repeated appeal to the agriculture department could not bring anyone to visit their fields.

In the second week of October, two officers from Agriculture department visited the affected farmers, but on the face of farmers’ wrath they returned with the promise of the scientists’ visit. Accordingly researchers Kamal Bhadra and Madhab Dhara visited the fields on 5 November. The researchers had to face the wrath. Sub divisional agricultural officer Arup Chatterjee who accompanied the team was also gheraoed. The farmers alleged, “We were asked by the district agriculture officer to use these seeds. But now when we face the huge loss, they don’t bother to come.”

Finally, around 4 pm the scientists were released after they observed the seeds supplied by government were “the mixture of other variety” and assured to submit their report. The victims have already sent a letter to Chief Minister, minister in charge of Agriculture and others demanding their compensation and the probe against the scam of IET-4094.

Chatterjee today said, “We faced agitation by the farmers on 5 November who claimed that the seeds we distributed among them didn’t yield desired result.”

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Deputy director of agriculture department Sajal Ghosh said, “The researchers would tender their report to the director and he would take required steps.” Regarding compensation as demanded by the farmers Ghosh said, “It’s up to the government to decide about the compensation.”

However, Biswanath Ghosh, leader of Krishak Sabha claimed, “Not only in Malda, but the seeds supplied by government failed to yield throughout the state and the farmers face a huge loss. Immediate probe should be made to unearth the huge scam.”

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