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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Krishnendu Advises Dalu to Go for ‘Political Sannyas’

Malda, November 19, 2012: Rebel Congress MLA and English Bazaar Municipality (EBM) Chairman Krishnendu Choudhury is leaving Malda today to tender his resignation from the party tomorrow in Kolkata before swearing in as a member of the state cabinet on 21 November. Before leaving his assembly constituency Choudhury once again attacked Union minister of state for health and family planning AH Khan Choudhury (Dalu) advising him to go for political ‘sannyas.’

Choudhury said, “I would tender my resignation from the Congress primary membership of the Congress as well as a Congress MLA tomorrow and would formally join the Trinamul Congress.”

It has been learnt that he would be sworn in as an ‘important’ minister of the state. He has already received a confirmation in this regard. However, he officially said, “I cannot speak anything about ministry right now. Tomorrow I would meet the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and she is the ultimate authority to take the final decision in this regard.”

On the eve of leaving the Congress Choudhury once again recapitulated that it was the ‘constant humiliation’ by Dalu and the other district Congress leaders ‘without any credential’ that prompted him to part with the Congress. “I was deliberately insulted by Dalu Babu and his followers. On the contrary Mamata di never hesitated to extend her affection and cooperation even though I left her party at the behest of late Ghani Khan whom she regarded also sincerely,” he said.

Reacting to Dalu’s statement that Late Ghani Khan’s son Simon Hayat Khan Choudhury would be fighting against Choudhury in the by-election in English Bazaar after he quits as a Congress MLA, Choudhury said, “Like Bharata in the Ramayana left the throne after the return of Lord Rama, Dalu babu too should quit his MP seat in favour of Simon as it was Simon’s father whose credentials made Dalu an MP.”

Meanwhile, though Choudhury claimed that nine out of 10 councilors of EBM would join the Trinamul also with him, at least three councilors didn't confirm his statement.

Ashish Kundu, Ramaprasad Banerjee and Anju Tiwary, three Congress councilors said that they would not part with the Congress right now. “There is no question of quitting the Congress at any cost,” Tiwary said.

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