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Friday, November 9, 2012

Late Ghani Khan’s son likely to join politics

Late Ghani Khan’s son likely to join politics

7 November 2012
statesman news service
MALDA, 7 NOV: The son of legendary Congress leader, the late Ghani Khan Choudhury, today indicated that he might join politics and with an eye to preparing himself in politics he would travel extensively in the villages of Malda during his stay here till 17 November.
Ghani’s son, Simon Hayat Khan Choudhury, owner of a travel business, reached Malda last night from Staffordshire in England along with his sister, a resident of Switzerland, Jasmine Khan Choudhury. It’s Simon’s visit to his native land after six long years.
Mr Khan Choudhury said: “My father was a popular leader. His inspiration drew my uncles and relatives to politics. Is there any bar if I, too, join politics  like them?”
He said: “I have of late started learning Bengali so that I can communicate  with the people of Malda and Bengal. I like Indian politics.”
Simon’s uncle and the late Ghani Khan’s brother Dr AN Khan Choudhury too backed his nephew. “So long Simon didn’t show any interest in Indian politics. Recently he has evinced interest in Indian political issues. Though he knew only English and German, he is learning Bengali now,” Dr Khan Choudhury said.
He said: “I joined Indian politics after spending 35 years in Switzerland. Even my brother and Union minister of state AH Khan Choudhury (Dalu) was in Canada for 25 years. We had no problem familiarising ourselves with Indian politics. Simon, at 45, is in the perfect stage for joining politics and we keep inspiring him to work for the people following the example of his father.”
Interestingly, Ms Jasmine Khan Choudhury said that she, along with her brother Simon, would meet chief minister Mamata Banerjee before leaving India.

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