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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mamata Government Runs by Police and Miscreants - Md Salim

Malda, November 16, 2012: “Sometimes with the miscreants, sometimes with police – the state government has resorted to muscle flexing to meet the crisis”, said CPI-M leader Mohammed Salim. He said, “Here is an exhibition of constitutional and extra constitutional power in the state at present”.

He was here today on the occasion of special meeting with the district leaders prior to the panchayet poll. Apart from Salim, state leaders like Nripen Choudhury, Mainul Hassan were present on this occasion.

Talking to media, Salim said, “Violence is in the air of the state, but there is a deliberate attempt to deny it. Be it firing, murder or rape, state government is out to deny them all. Chief Minister keeps saying either they were farmed or conspiracy of CPI-M and media.”

He thinks the only way out is to prove the incident with photographs as happened in the case of Tehatta. “Primarily the government was not to concede the firing but later had to accept it on the face of photo. It is clear that the government is not accepting anything but photographs.”

Regarding panchayet election Salim said, “State government on one hand violates the panchayet rule by bypassing the elected panchayet while doing work, on the other hand keeps changing its stand on the date of election. Once the Minister of Panchayet and Rural Development said the election would be held after Puja, now the CM is saying different. We think before the election government has some legal duties and some realistic tasks to perform which they are indifferent of.”

He added, “We want the rural poll to be held in proper time, but are not afraid of holding it earlier either. We are ready to fight.”

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