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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Patient Served Wrong Dengue Report Decides to Move to Consumer Forum

Malda, November 5, 2012:  Harassed with faulty pathological laboratory test report, a patient decides to move to consumer protection forum. Diagnosed as dengue and treated accordingly, the condition of the victim only worsened as the test in Kolkata revealed that she had never had dengue germ at all.

One Lakshmi Thakur of Maheshmati under English Bazaar police station had fallen sick with high fever on 21 October and was hospitalized. There she was asked to do some blood tests the report of which revealed that the platelet count was 2 lakh, which was normal. No malaria parasite was found as well. Thus the treatment of general fever went on. But the fever showing no sign to recede, the doctor further asked to do the same tests two days later.

This time, the test done by clinic of a famous nursing home claimed the presence of dengue reactive. Such contrast in two tests naturally made the doctor suspicious who asked the patient to test further. On 24 October, the third test at the private clinic in Malda revealed the platelet count as 2.20 lakh. Meanwhile, the doctor in charge Dr Yakub went on leave.

Another doctor under whom Thakur was being treated asked for fresh blood test. This time the platelet dipped down to 44000. Such a fall of platelet was abnormal and the patient was referred to Kolkata. On 26 October night she was taken to Kolkata.

Next morning she was taken to R G Kar Medical College. There the doctor checked Thakur at the outdoor and became suspicious on the last blood report. To confirm the report he asked to test the blood again. But the report in Kolkata revealed the platelet count as 2 lakh which was very much normal.

Sukhen Thakur, husband of Lakshmi, said, “Minimum medicine along with two bottles of saline water there made my wife cure in R G Kar. The doctors said that such a fluctuation of platelet of blood was impossible.” He claimed that he would move to Consumer Court for the harassment and the expenditure owing to this faulty report.

Dr SN Sharma, on behalf of the clinic, said, "When the finding is unusual, we peruse a report several times before delivery. The patient doesn't know the medical cause of decline and increase in platelet counts and for that they misunderstood." "If they come to us, we would surely explain the matter," Dr Sharma added.

The Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH) of Malda Dr Bidhan Misra said, “We have not received any complaint in this regard yet. If any complaint is lodged with us, naturally there would be an enquiry.” “But whether they would go to the consumer forum is entirely their prerogative. We have nothing to say about it.”

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