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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sabitri Mitra’s Meeting with Naser Khan Choudhury Evokes Political Curiosity

Malda, November 4, 2012: A recent closed door discussion between the Trinamul Congress minister and district party president Sabitri Mitra and the Sujapur Congress MLA and late Ghani Khan’s brother AN Khan Choudhury (Lebu) excited the political circles of the district. Though both of the leaders termed it as a ‘personal and courtesy discussion,’ political observers believe that Trinamul leadership is now trying to breach the Congress by including Lebu to the Congress after English Bazaar MLA Krishnendu Choudhury.

Mitra soon after returning from Kolkata yesterday rushed to Kotowali house to offer flowers to the mazaar of late Ghani Khan who 86th birthday was observed ceremoniously on 1 and 2 November. Thereafter she entered the residence of Khan Choudhury and the duo had 15 minutes long closed door discussion between them.

Later, Mitra said, “I have a cordial relation with Lebu Da and whenever I come to Kotowali to pay respect to Barkat Da’s mazaar I make it a point to meet Lebu da if he is available in Kotowali. It’s only a courtesy visit.”

Khan Choudhury (Lebu) too supported Mrs Mitra and echoed her version.

However, political observers are not ready to accept this interpretation so easily particularly because despite the too hostile a relation between the Congress and the Trinamul and Lebu’s resignation as the minister of state (MOS) of West Bengal obeying the decision of Congress high command  he was appointed the vice chairman of ICDS staff recruitment committee in Malda. Interestingly, Mitra is the chairperson of the committee.

Besides, while the state government is rigid on not to found AIIMS-style hospital in Raiganj, it has already forwarded the recommendation and necessary papers for founding the Ghani Kan Choudhury technical university which is looked after mainly by Lebu Babu.

Naturally, it’s being speculated that Trinamul is now planning to Congress loyalist Kotowali family by including Lebu to their party. It may be mentioned that Trinamul leader and vice chairperson of state women’s commission Shehnaz Quadery, who is the niece of Lebu, too hinted that they were trying to induct Lebu to Trinamul.

It may be mentioned that recently redoubtable Congress MLA and chairman of English Bazaar Municipality Krishnendu Choudhury declared he would quit Congress to join Trinamul.

Another section of political observers, on the contrary, also didn’t rule out the possibility that Mitra could return to Congress presuming that after Choudhury joins the Trinamul, he would be rendered both a cabinet berth as well as the entire responsibility of Trinamul organization in Malda which would reduce her to irrelevance.

However, all political specialists agree on the point that there would serious political changes in Malda as the Congress and Trinamul would desperately try to breach each other’s organization.

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