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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Speculations Rife over Ghani Khan’s Son and Daughter Joining Politics

Malda, November 6: Speculations are rife over the possibility of NRI son and daughter of late Ghani Khan Choudhury joining politics. They would reportedly reach Malda today along with another NRI brother of Ghani Khan living in Switzerland .

Late Ghani Khan’s brother and Sujapur Congress MLA AN Khan Choudhury (Lebu) informed that Simon Hayat Khan Choudhury and Jasmine Khan Choudhury, the son and the daughter of late Ghani Khan would arrive in Malda today along with Ghani’s another brother Salim Khan Choudhury who lives in Switzerland. However, he didn't divulge the purpose of their visit.

Ghani Khan's daughter Jasmine Khan Choudhury 

Though Jasmine, a resident of Switzerland came to India on 4 November, 2011, Simon from England didn’t visit his native land in Kotowali for past few years. However, Khan Choudhury added fuel to the probability that Simon and Jasmine might be inspired to join politics by the family.

“If they wish to join politics, we would encourage them. I was in Switzeland but Barkat Da asked me to return India and serve the people by joining politics. I too keep telling Simon and Jasmine to settle in Malda finally to engage themselves in serving the people,” he said. “However, it is absolutely their discretion to take the final decision in this regard,” he added.

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