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Thursday, November 22, 2012

UGB Authority Accused of Allowing Failed Student to Appear for taking Re Examination Violating Norms

Malda, November 17, 2012: University of Gour Banga (UGB) again runs into controversy with a candidate taking 'secret' examination at the behest of Vice Chancellor. 

 It is learnt one Mou Barman of Malda College took her Bengali Hons 3rd year examination under UGB. The result of the examination that came out on 12 October revealed that Mou had failed in the 8th paper. Her father, retired govt employee Premchand Barman said that following the shocking result of his daughter, they approached to the University for a Review of that paper. But with one month being passed, nothing was intimated by the university regarding review.  They were knocking the door of the university regularly. “We came to know that the paper of my daughter was lost”, said Barman.

Finally a few days back Barman was reportedly told by the Controller of Examination (COE) department that Mou’s test would be given on 16 November. Accordingly the test was taken by Mou from 2.00 pm to 7 pm. Interestingly, she did not get any written instruction regarding it. Moreover, Mou was given the test at the office of VC himself amid all secrecy. It is learnt that Prof Aditya Lala of Bengali department himself set the question paper and checked his papers. Lala, when contacted refused to say anything and passed the buck on Controller of Examination.

COE Sanatan Das was on leave. But Md Saifuddin, who was in charge, also kept reticence about the secret examination. VC Achintya Biswas kept playing the same record of “Not talking to media”.

However, such a hush-hush about the examination has created huge controversy among the students as well as members of UC.  “It is totally illegal to take such examination of a single candidate. VC has earlier flouted number of rules in UGB. This time it has exceeded al precedence. VC has given a special examination of a particular candidate keeping all concerned in dark. Worse, the question setter and the examiner was the same person which goes against the spirit of examination. We are approaching to the Chancellor against this VC shortly”, said Dulal Ghosh, a member of UC.

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