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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Crib Death Menace Returns with Winter, Dalu, Krishnendu Sought Report

Malda, : With the onset of winter Malda Medical College and Hospital (MMCH) has yet again witnessed the series of crib death. Sources claimed that in last 24 hours as many as six new born babies died in the hospital while in last 48 hours the number is nine. However, in last five days altogether 19 new-born succumbed to their ailment, sources claimed. Health department has conceded the death although refused to comment on the reason. Union minister of state (MoS) for health AH Khan Choudhury as well as state tourism minister Krishnendu Choudhury expressed concern at the treturn of crib death to MMCH.

A source of hospital claimed that six new born died between night of Saturday and that of Sunday. Since Sunday night 3 more babies died. Most of the babies were between 0-1 months old. On Thursday seven babies and three babies died on Friday. No details of the victims were revealed by the hospital. Dr Asit Biswas, spokesperson of the state health department said, “We got the information of increasing crib death in last few days; the concerned department is looking into it.” On the other hand, 

It may be recalled that during the winter last year this hospital had seen the hundreds of new-born dying in series. As many as 500 babies died between November, 2011 to February this year. Sensation created nationwide led the state govt to introduce Sick Neonatal Care Unit in this hospital. But with the resumption of death with winter has naturally raised the questions on the precautions taken.

Dr U Bhadra, NMCH Principal, however, justified the deaths as “nothing unnatural.” Conceding the increase in death in last few days, Dr Bhadra said, “Most of them was premature and was suffering from respiratory problems. However, the number is hardly more than 0.5 percent of the normal death ratio.” He pointed to the pressure on this hospital along with the lack of sense of the relatives.

“We have 44 bed capacity in the children ward in the hospital. But in that place as many as 156 children were admitted. How can proper treatment be reached out?” Dr Bhadra said. “Worse, the guardians of the babies fill the wards in such a manner that the sisters find it difficult to find out the patient in time. Attempts to keep them off the ward did not yield any result.”   

Khan Choudhury expressed concern in return of crib death in MMCH. It has been learnt he contacted the Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH) to learn the entire event. He wanted to know from the CMOH about the measures to be taken about development of infrastructure in MMCH. If necessary the Union government would help the state government in developing infrastructure of pediatric department in MMCH.

Tourism minister Krishnendu Choudhury also sought a detailed report about crib death from MMCH authority. Wondering at the repetition of the same menace Choudhury asked the CMOH to inspect the hospital and to submit his observations.

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