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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

New Tourism Minister Divulges Plan to Improve Tourism in Hill and Dooars

Malda, Nov 23, 2012: The new Tourism Minister Krishnendu Choudhury is serious about launching helicopter service between hill and Dooars. “If Sikkim can make it why not us?”, Choudhury said. He added, “If we are to attract the tourists from the foreign countries as well as those from other states, we have to offer them more. We are seriously contemplating of introducing helicopter service at hills and Dooars as well as cruise service at Sunderban.”

He argued, “With the financial constraint of the state government, we should consider of the Public Private Project (PPP) model while introducing the new services.”

The new minister has revealed his priority, “The tourists lodges of the government are mostly in dire strait. Worse they have been the den of corruption and nepotism. While making list of the Tourist Lodge we are committed to develop their infrastructure. It is painful that tourists don’t prefer government tourist lodges in the popular tourist spots”, said Choudhury.

Becoming the MIC of Tourism, Choudhury got a hero’s welcome in Malda. Amid several programmes of reception in different venues, Choudhury expressed his gratitude to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee saying, “She has bestowed a great responsibility on us and I’ve to perform to honour her wish.”   

He divulged his plan, “We have to sell our tourists spots to the foreigners. In that case even we may make personal contacts with the tourists coming to Darjeeling or Sunderbans. To save the tourists from being cheated we are to set up a modern Tourist Centre at Salt Lake with a help line for 24 hours.”  

Krishnendu Choudhury during his grand felicitation ( Photo: Joy Roy)

Regarding the new tourist spots, Choudhury said, “We are considering introducing a cruise service at river Ganga for visiting Hazarduari in Murshidabad.”

Although District Trinamul Congress President and Minister of Women and Social Welfare Sabitri Mitra was all along with the new Minister in his reception, the factional feud of the Trinamul Congress was bare with the conspicuous absence of party’s district working president and vice chairman of English Bazaar Municipality Dulal Sarkar.

Although there was a reception held by Choudhury followers near Sarkar’s office, the latter never bothered to go there. Instead he chose to be at inside the office. 

When asked about his absence, Sarkar said, “Don’t forget party is greater than Ministry. I’m the leader of the party. Had he (Choudhury) been at our office, we would have welcomed him.”

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