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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Rural Leaders Ventilate Grudges about Factionalism in Party’s Unity Meeting

Malda, November 26, 2012: Anticipating that the prevalent dissent among the Trinamul Congress workers in Malda may prove to be detrimental for the party in ensuing panchayet election, two state cabinet ministers from Malda today convened a meeting of the block party leaders. Though the ministers gave a call for unity forgetting differences, the grudges of the block leaders at the opponent factions couldn’t be subsided easily.

It may be mentioned that factionalism has long been haunting the district Trinamul. The dissidence became a regular embarrassment for the ruling party as the faction led by the district president and cabinet minister Sabitri Mitra and the faction led by the district working president and vice chairman of English Bazaar Municipality Dulal Sarkar never went hand in hand. Leaders belonging to either of the factions indulged in throwing mud at one another.

Today’s meeting was convened to minimize the differences in presence of new cabinet minister Krishnendu Choudhury, who before joining the Trinamul recently, led the party as the district president from 1999 to 2006. Even he had to face the heaps of complaints from the grass root leaders.

“Our effort to strengthen the party is often marred by dissidents. Even the district administrations are not available for us when we try to take the people’s complaints to them,” said Baishitya Tribedi, the Old Malda block Trinamul president.

Same grudge was echoed by Bikash Bandyopadhyay, block Trinamul president of Harischandrapur I block. “Instead of pointing the attack towards our political oppositions, the opponent factions often target our own party leaders,” he said.

Even the district Trinamul Women Congress president and wife of Dulal Sarkar joined the bandwagon. “As the district president of women organization even I had to face the humiliation by the opponent groups while organizing party programmes in different blocks,” Mrs Sarkar said.

She added, “We welcome Choudhury back to Trinamul as it’s he who led the party from the front for about a decade. We are his old companions. We hope now there would be a solution to such woes.”

Choudhury in his speech said, “Mamata Banerjee is our only leader and we are all workers. Personal issues should not overcast the larger party interest. We must join hands together to teach our political oppositions a lesson.”

However, Sarkar was found absent in today’s meeting along with senior leaders Arun Tarafdar. Sarkar said they were both in Kolkata to meet Mukul Roy regarding organization.

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