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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chief Justice of Kolkata High Court Inaugurates First Exclusively Women Run Court in Malda

Malda, Jan 23: The Chief Justice of Kolkata High Court  Justice Arun Mishra today inaugurated the first exclusive women run court in Malda. Justice KS Aluwalia,  Justice Joymalya Bagchi and other dignitaries were present in today’s programme. They also participated in a seminar on atrocities on women in Malda town hall.

It may be mentioned that the crime graph against women in Malda has been alarming in past three years. 28.25 percent of the total crimes in the district in 2011 was against the women as per the record of the police. Out of 4873 complaints 1377 were regarding the crime against women in 2011 in Malda. In 2010 the figure was 1210. Though the record of 2012 could not be had from police, it has been learnt that the figure is much higher than that of 2011. In 2010 the complaints lodged regarding witch hunting in Malda was 18 while it was 42 in 2011.

Chief Justice of Kolkata High Court Justice Arun Mishra Inaugurating First Women Run Court in Malda

In 2010 the complaints of rape registered with police was 165 while the figure was 181 in 2011. In 2011 cases regarding tortures and humiliations of women was 853 while it 801 in 2010. Out of 209 abduction cases 55 cases were regarding abduction of women alluring them with proposals of marriage.

Hence, it was an imperative to open an exclusive women run court in Malda. It has been learnt from source4s that another such court would be inaugurated in Delhi on 2 February.

After inaugurating the court Justice Mishra visited an exhibition on the atrocities on women. It has also been learnt that initially there would be two courts – one would be headed by a lady Additional Judge and the other would be headed by a lady Judicial Magistrate. Eight employees of the courts would also be women. The courts would judge exclusively rape cases and the crimes against women as learnt from sources.

Later, while speaking in the seminar Justice Aluwalia said that the inauguration was particularly significant as it was the birthday of uncompromising freedom fighter Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.. Justice Bagchi expressed his concern at the reducing ratio between the male and the female in census.

He said that law is not enough to provide comprehensive protection. “Consciousness and self-realisation are necessary for it,” he said.

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