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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cong Sabhadhipati of MZP May Move to Court against Draft Reservation List of Panchayet Election

MALDA, 5 DEC: The published draft for reserved seats in ensuing three tire panchayet election has equally offended the Congress and the Left Front. While the Sabhadhipati of Congress led Malda Zilla Parishad (MZP) has already threatened to take the matter to courts if he doesn’t get justice from election commission, the district Left Front (LF) chairman Jiban Maitra also said that they would seek intervention of the election commission in resolving anomalies in the draft.

This may be mentioned that the draft for reservation of seats in the tire panchayet election was recently published which showed that 29 out of 38 seats of MZP have come under the reservation. Even the seat of the sabhadhipati which was reserved for scheduled caste has been converted into other backward classes (OBC) women.

MZP Sabhadhipati Ujjwal Chowdhury

Mr Choudhury said, “There have been gross discrepancies in the draft. Jote Uparpara under my electoral area is mostly inhabited by scheduled caste residents. But the seat has been reserved under general women category. In addition, it has been shown in the report that in some places the population has been decreased in census report 2011 compared to the census report 2001. Again in some places like Manikchak the population has been increased by 200% which quite incredible.”

“Discrepancies have also been observed in the serial number of seats as well as reservation of seats for women. Even in some cases government order regarding reservation has been violated,” Mr Choudhury alleged pointing his finger to former district panchayet officer.

He said that he had already lodged his complaint with the election commission after discussing the issue with the state Congress leader Dr Manas Bhuniya. “If the draft is not properly mended, I would take the matter to the court,” He threatened. It is being anticipated that if the matter is taken to court, the entire election process in the district may be suspended.

On the contrary, district LF chairman Mr Maitra said, “The draft is full of anomalies. Serial numbers of seats have been jumbled up in the draft. Many political parties raised objections in all party meeting in this regard.”

He informed that LF was gathering data of more anomalies and compiling those together they would knock the door of the election commission demanding amendment of the draft. Mr Maitra also hinted that some state government officials might have been politically influenced to incorporate such anomalies.

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