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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mausam slams TMC Minister Goutam Deb for 'Lack of Courtesy'

Malda, Dec 18: Congress fumes over being left out in the govt programmes. On this issue they found Left Front beside them. Angry Congress leaders are going to lodge protest to Centre against the state govt.

It may be recalled that Goutam Deb, Minister in Charge of North Bengal Development, has been in Malda for last three days in laying foundation of as many as 14 projects. These included making of road and bridge in different areas of the district. But in none of these the local MLAs or MPs were invited. Panchayet prodhans too were ignored. On 16th December, on his first day of visit at Old Malda, the Minister had to face the wrath of Congress supporters as well.

Today Mausam Noor, MP of North Malda, slammed the attitude of state govt saying, “All the projects of roads and bridges which are being laid foundation by Goutam Deb were funded by Border Region Grant Fund (BRGF) of central govt. It was our constant endeavor that the fund was sanctioned by the Union Govt. But, now the state govt is taking the credit of it and worse, we are not even invited.”

Noor said, “At Ratua following the devastating flood last year, the road on the embankment was totally damaged. I myself pursued with this issue to Union Minister of Water Resource and sanctioned Rs 33 cr for making the road. The work has already started. But to my utter surprise, I came to know that on 21st of this month state minister of irrigation will come to inaugurate the project again. I’m not invited even.” She claimed that a complaint would be lodged to Central govt against state for keeping the MP away from the programmes under her constituency.    

Sabhadipati of Congress run Malda Zilla Parishad Ujjwal Choudhury said, “Failing to make any dent in strong Congress bastion Malda, TMC is out to make politics over development prior to the panchayet poll. But people of Malda are always with us.” He said that even in the Left Front regime the opposition was invited in the developmental programmes.

Mausam Noor

RSP MLA Rahim Bakshi too echoed the Congress, “We are not invited as we might have pinned the balloon of false promises of ministers. The projects which were laid foundation will never see the completion.”  
Goutam Deb
Deb, however, scoffed off the issue of central fund, “There is no fund of Centre of its own. It is the taxes collected from the states which make their fund.” Regarding the ‘courtesy’ of inviting local MP or MLA, Deb said, “Shall we learn from them? A few days back when Union Minister came at Midnapore did they bother to invite our local MP?” He also took on Congress over the issue of development, “Malda Zilla Parishad was under Congress. But while travelling different parts of the district in last few days I have witnessed how miserable is the condition of villages here! Will Zilla Parishad still boast on development?”     

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