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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Medical Colleges in State in Embarrasing Situation for MCI Visit

MALDA, 11 DEC: The change of equation between the Central and state government is probably going to cast a shadow over the new medical colleges in the state. The latest decision of Medical Council of India (MCI) to visit the new medical colleges - Malda Medical College, Sagar Dutta Memorial Medical College and Hospital of Kolkata and Murshidabad Medical College has upset the college authorities.

The visit which was to take place in February next year has been rescheduled and is going to take place this month. Naturally, such a proposal has caught the colleges off guard as the colleges lag far behind the MCI standard to start a new session. It is feared that worsened relation between the state and central government has played the motive behind such early visits.   

It may be recalled that Malda Medical College which began its journey last year got the biggest blow with the Medical Council of India (MCI) denying approving the college for renewal of permission for admission of 2ndbatch of MBBS students in this academic year. A team of MCI had visited the college on 1 and 2 March, 2012 to assess the infrastructure of the college. It found a huge deficiency in the infrastructure. 

In view of such lacunae MCI denied the approval of admitting fresh students for the 2nd year and letters were sent accordingly to state health department apart from colleges back in June. Similar letter of denial was received by Sagar Dutta Medical College as well.

Following it, hectic lobbying by the state health department in Delhi started. Even the “highest level of state administration” was involved to get the approval for one more year. With the promise of compliance with all the requirements of MCI within a year, the approval was renewed.   

But the situation has hardly improved since then. Dr U Bhadra, Principal of Malda Medical College, conceded, “The visit of MCI this time was most unexpected. We are not prepared yet. Had it been a few months later, the situation might have improved.” He conceded that most of the construction works were far from being completed apart from introducing new departments like ICU, ICCU or SICU. Even, staffs were most inadequate. He feared the situation is no better at Sagar Dutta or Murshidabad as well. However, the preparation of face lifting is going on in a war footing and leaves were cancelled for all the officers.


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