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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Temple Theft Rises to 12 in 72 Hours, Concerned Minister Ask Police to Act Forthwith

MALDA, 23 JAN: The temple theft continues in Malda and the number of thefts rises to 12 in last 72 hours. Yester night a formidable theft was accomplished by the miscreants at a temple located at a Kali temple located just by the side of the office of the tourism minister and chairman of English Bazaar Municipality Krishnendu Choudhury. Aggrieved minister smelled a rat behind series of thefts in temples and asked to police to act immediately to arrest the miscreants.

The 300 years old Bura Kali temple located at Kalitala area under English Bazaar police station is only less than a few meter away from the tourism minister’s office as well as the district CPI-M, CPI offices. It is also at a stone throw distance from the English Bazaar Municipality and Malda Zilla Parishad.

Today the daughter of the priest Baby Bhattacharya first noticed that the lock of the grill of the temple was broken. Her yell gathered her family as well the locals. It was found that all the gold ornaments and other valuables including sword of the Goddess made of one kilogram of silver and the box of the offerings from the followers of the Goddess were all stolen. Mr Bhattacharya said the total amount of loss would exceed Rs 10 lakh at least.

Mr Choudhury reached the temple premises around 8 pm and immediately spoke to the SP, Malda. Soon a large contingent of police led by the inspector in charge of English Bazaar police station Dilip Karmakar rushed to the spot.

Ventilating his strong discontent and anguish over the series of thefts in past three days Mr Choudhgury wanted to know from police what they were doing while the thieves continued operations without any hindrances. He said that there might be sort of conspiracy behind such crimes in a row and asked the police officials to arrest the miscreants immediately.

Mr Karmakar informed him that at least three teams of police were engaged for patrolling in town over the night.

Meanwhile, huge valuables and the ornaments of the idols from two more Kali temples and one Manasa temple located at Baluchar area were stolen last night. The locality was gripped with excitement.

It may be mentioned that on 19 January night five temples in Malda town situated at different parts of the town were targeted by the thieves and ornaments and valuables worth more than Rs 5 lakh were stolen. On 21 January three more temples were targeted by the thieves.

Meanwhile, rise in theft has earned flak from the people. “It’s a wonder that such a menace has been continuing without any restrictions. It’s high time police should act to restore sense of security among the citizens,” said Asit Bose, a senior Congress leader and advocate.

SP, Malda Jayanta Pal, however, claimed that police had been alert and special security arrangements were made to detect the culprits. “The thieves would soon be caught,” Mr Pal said.

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