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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Union Health MoS Taken Aback by Deplorable Condition of Rural Hospital

Malda,  Dec 10: For 200 odd patients, there is only one doctor; one nurse; one pharmacist; one group D worker. Only source of water is a tube-well lying meters away and no electricity. No wonder, there is no modern equipments, dearth of medicines as well. If the number of patients increases, pharmacist has to act as doctor ---- The scenario of Chandipur Health Centre might be as poor as most of the rural health centers of the state, but the Union Minister of State for Health and Family Planning Abu Hasem Khan Choudhury (Dalu) could not take it in good humour. In a surprise visit the Minister found the health centre at its worst.

The only doctor Aparna Mishra was busy attending the patients. She claimed that for long she had been alone in this health centre while the number of patients gets increased even to 300 during summer. Worse, there was no facility to treat a patient in emergency. “In minimum need we have to refer the patients to Medical College”, she conceded. The Minister asked her to give a report in writing. 

Union health MoS AH Khan Choudhury

Later talking to media Dalu said, “During the recent rise of child death in Malda Medical College, it was said that the most of the patients were being referred from the rural health centers. I had to see the condition of health centers. It is the responsibility of the state govt to look into these primary health centers as the Centre is providing huge money for them.”

Taking on the state govt further Dalu said, “Regarding the AIIMS in Raiganj and the health scenario of the state I wanted to talk to the Chief Minister. I wrote a letter seeking her appointment but she never cared even to acknowledge my letter. We thought that at least for the sake of development of the state CM would be interested to exchange views.”

On his visit to Chandipur, Dalu was mobbed by hundreds of ASHA workers. They alleged that they were not getting their wages since April this year. It is learnt that 199 ASHA workers of English Bazaar were to get Rs 1500—Rs2000 per month. they urged the minister to look into their problems.         

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