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Monday, April 1, 2013

Cong, CPI-M Accusing Krishnendu of ‘infidelity,’ TMC Reiterates

MALDA, 29 JAN: Both the Congress and the CPI-M would organize personal attack on the Trinamul  Congress candidate and the tourism minister of the state Krishnendu Choudhury in the campaign of English Bazaar by-poll. They are planning to seek votes accusing Mr Choudhury of ‘political infidelity’ and holding him ‘responsible for an untimely election.’ On the contrary, Trinamul leaders have hinted that there has been an ‘unholy nexus’ between the Congress and the CPI-M.

“We would go to the people and ask them if there was any necessity of the by-poll except to gratify the political ambition of an individual,” said Ambar Mitra, district CPI-M secretary hinting Mr Choudhury. “When the people are struggling to meet their both ends, why should they pay the cost of an unnecessary by-poll caused by one’s quitting the party for a mere ministerial berth,” Mr Mitra added.

“Mr Choudhury has disrespected the verdict of the people of English Bazaar. Only 20 months back he was elected by a massive margin as a Congress candidate. But he has quit the post and now seeking vote again for the same MLA post and this time as a Trinamnul candidate. He must explain his whimsical and personal decision at the court of the people,” CPI-M district secretary said.

CPI-M’s labour-wing CITU leader Indrajit Mitra also echoed Ambar Mitra. “We want the politics of ‘Aaya Ram, Gaaya Ram’ to be stopped. It is a bad instance that has taken place in English Bazaar. We would appeal to the voters to take a decision to prevent such examples further,” Indrajit Mitra said.

Former minister of state and Congress MLA Sabina Yeasmin also said that they would urge the voters not to trust Mr Choudhury again. “Our first and foremost issue would be the infidelity of Mr Choudhury. He was in Congress and joined the Trinamul first in 1999. Again he was back to the Congress and despite being an MLA from the Congress twice; he again left the party baited by Trinamul with a ministerial berth. He has lost his political credibility and we would take the issue to the voters,” Mrs Yeasmin said.

“He backstabbed the Congress despite being given due importance both within party and parliamentary politics. Hence, we would urge the voters of English Bazaar to defeat him so that no political further dares to indulge in change in political jersey,” she added.

District Trinamnul Youth Congress President Amlan Bhaduri, on the contrary, stood by Mr Choudhury. “It’s the Congress that backstabbed the people of the country by adopting anti-people policies like decontrolling of fertilizer price, exuberant price hike and one after another scams. Though people voted for them twice, the Congress has cheated the people in the interest of the capitalists and imperialists. Hence, in the interest of the people Mr Choudhury decided to quit the company of the traitors and join the Trinamul to fight for the cause of the people under the ideals of Mamata Banerjee,” Mr Bhaduri said.

He hoped that people are intelligent enough to recognize the ‘crocodile’s tears’ of the Congress and the CPI-M for the people. “Massive gathering in each of the poll meetings of the Trinamul stands testimony to our confirmed victory,” he added.

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