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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ghani and Basu Fight Election in English Bazaar

MALDA, 7 FEB: They were not only political legends during their lifetime but also the prime vote-catchers of their parties in all elections. Late Jyoti Basu and late Ghani Khan Choudhury, even after their demise, are no less powerful personalities particularly as evident in English Bazaar by-poll.

While the Congress and the Trinnamul Congress have been seeking votes from the people claiming themselves to the competent successors of late Ghani Khan and to fulfill his incomplete projects for the development of Malda, CPI-M candidate Koushik Mishra has been using the photographs and festoons containing the photographs of Jyoti Basu for the forthcoming by-poll.

District Congress leader Kalisadhan Roy said, “The Congress alone is authorized to claim itself as the successor of Barkatda who breathed his last being an ardent Congress supporter. He had so many offers from other parties but he had never accepted those offers for his personal benefit and continued the development the Malda holding the flags of the Congress till his last day.”

District Trinamul President and a cabinet minister Sabitri Mitra, on the contrary, believes that the Congress has lost its right to introduce them as the successors of the Ghani Khan. “They are now working as the mouthpiece of the CPI-M whom Barkatda wanted to throw into the Bay of Bengal. They must not speak of Barkat Da’s memories,” Mrs Mitra said.

She added, “Barkat Da recognized the relentless struggle of Mamata Banerjee and Barkat da’s dream was fulfilled by our chief minister alone. So who elese other than the Trinamul could be the successor of late Ghani Khan?”

While the Congress and the Trinamul are busy fighting over the legacy of Ghani Khan, CPI-M has been using the memory of their trump card Jytoti Basu who was the unerring vote catcher for them. “Jyoti Basu’s life itself was a history. People trusted him and accepted him as an unquestionable leader. His life and messages are still very popular among the voters. We are particularly projecting him only to mark the difference between the pro people principles of the CPI-M, as advocated by Jyoti Basu and the opportunist politics of the Trinamul,” said Indrajit Mitra, a senior district CPI-M leader.

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