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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Krishnendu Places EBM Budget of Rs 86.99 Crore

MALDA, 7 MARCH: State tourism minister and chairman of English Bazaar Municipality (EBM) Krishnendu Choudhury placed the draft municipal budget of 2013-2014 of Rs 86.99 crore yesterday. The discussion on the budget would held on 20 March. Abesence of the Congress councilor Anju Tiwary and the Left Front supported independent councilor Nihar Ghosh was noteworthy in yesterday’s budget meeting.

Mr Choudhury, after placing the draft budget, said that “Compared to the budget of Rs 83.34 crore the amount in the budget has been increased in this year’s proposed budget. Proposed expenses for the development of slums have been increased in the draft budget by 25 percent.”

Finance officer of the EBM Tarun Biswas said that roads, drinking water and electricity have been emphasized in the draft budget. Additional Rs 2 crore has been proposed to be spent for drinking water from the fund of the municipality.”

“For the development of slums under the municipal areas Rs 15.20 crore has been proposed in the draft budget,” Mr Biswas added.

It may be mentioned that there are 117 slums under 17 municipal wards out of 25 municipal wards of EBM.

To save the electricity use of the CFL lamps as the street lights has been proposed in the draft budget along with the beautification of the municipal parks. It has also been proposed that large part of the municipal work like payment of wealth tax, trade license fee, birth and death certificates etc would be brought under the e-governance.

The leader of opposition Subhadip Sanyal said, “We have received the copy of the draft-budget and would comment only after going through it in details. We would place our opinion in the budget discuusion on 20 March.”

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