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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Malda ADM is Accused of Misbehaving with Sabhadhipati, Complaint Lodged with Divisional Commissioner

MALDA, 25 FEB: Additional district magistrate – general (ADM-G) of Malda Alice Vaz has been accused of misbehaving with the Sabhadhipati of Malda Zilla Parishad (MZP)  Ujjwal Choudhury and Congress MLA of Chanchal Asif Mehbub. Mr Choudhury has already lodged a complaint with the Divisional Commissioner Amarendra Singh who has sought a written answer from Ms Vaz in this regard.

It may be mentioned that the post of the Sabhadhipati is equivalent to a cabinet minister’s rank and he is informally regarded as the ‘chief minister of the district.’

The MZP Sabhadhipati Mr Choudhury today said, “I along with Mr Mehbub went to meet Ms Vaz in her chamber in district administrative building. But despite knowing me personally and my designation quite well she insolently asked if we had made prior appointment with her. We informed her that we had come to discuss some important issues concerning NREGS with her after the district magistrate Dr Archana suggested us to do so. But she refused to speak to us rudely and being absolutely insulted we came out of her chamber.”

“She should know my position. I could have asked her to report to my chamber if I had wished. But being superior to her in position I went to meet her myself and had to face such unprecedented behaviour,” Mr Choudhury said.

He alleged that there had been several allegations against Ms Vaz of refusing to meet the people’s representatives time and again. “It is her duty to speak to the people’s representative. She has breached her duty and I lodged written complaint with the DC Mr Singh against the insolent ADM-G,” the Sabhadhipati said.

Congress MLA Mr Mehbub too alleged that he with Mr Choudhury went to meet Ms Vaz to discuss that that labourers of Chanchal I block had not received the wage of NREGS for past eight months. “But we were astonished at her insolence. If she behaves like this with the highest administrative post holder, it is easy to guess how he behaves with the common people!” he said.

ADM-G Ms Vaz, however, refused to speak to the reporters in this regard.

Divisional Commissioner Mr Singh said, “I have received the complaint from Malda Sabhadhipati. I asked the concerned ADM to submit a written reply to the allegations raised by Mr Choudhury.” Mr Singh also said that no administrative officer is expected to misbehave with any people’s representative or common people.

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