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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Prisoners Mesmerize Civil Society with Musical and Theatrical Performance

MALDA, 10 MARCH: What they started with gross uncertainty and hesitation is now their source of confidence and instead of being overwhelmed by the mesmerized clapping of the audience the prisoners of Malda district correctional home are now busy with inventing ways to improve their skill after the third ever musical performance in Durgakinkar Sadan last evening.

No one is happier than the superintendent of the correctional home Debasish Chakraborty who leaves no stone unturned to smoothen the journey of these prisoners to the mainstream of the society.

After their stupendous performance in Malda district book fair and North Bengal festival in South Dinajpur, the prisoners of the district correctional home presented yet another noteworthy evening being invited by a theatre group Malda Malancha prior to a theatre show in packed auditorium of Malda College.
                     (photo: Subhashish Sen)
Four prisoners under life imprisonment and two other prisoners consecutively presented a mucial show and a theatrical performance last night. After listening to the songs of a lifer Ananta Mazumdar, Shish Mohammed, Chinmoy Baus and another prisoner Nital Mandal none in the audience was found sitting. The hall packed of the learned audience of the district stood up enthralled by their songs.

No less surprising was the theatrical show of Swapan Ghosh and a lifer Ranjan who acted a scene from the famous play of RN Tagore –Muktadhara.

“I’m often asked if they have been imparted any training by any expert. Believe me, it’s nothing but their honest urge to train themselves that has taken them the level of any professional performer,” Mr Chakraborty said informing that lifer Mazumdar has composed more than 400 folksongs and set those in tune himself.

“What surprised me was on their way back to the correctional home, instead of speaking anything else they were busy analyzing their performance and suggesting one another how it could have been bettered!” the superintendent wondered.

“They have proved the famous saying – ‘each well taught man is a self-taught man’ and it’s a ceaseless process of self-awakening. They never thought of ventilating their hidden worth to the world beyond the bars. I think it’s their greatest inspiration that their cultural performances dissolve the difference between their world and the civil world,” he explained.

“We are exceptionally grateful to the IG or correctional Services Mr Ranvir Kumar who in no time approved the prisoners’ plea to culturally perform outside. Now, they have two more invitations in hand and I’m sure those two would be even better as our inmates are busy brushing themselves up constantly,” he added.

“The story of light would be incomplete if we do not mention Swami Divyanandaji, who despite being in Belur Math, keeps every minute information of our inmates’ progress and keep them inspiring with the holy preaching of Sri Ramakrishna, Sarada Debi and Swami Vivekananda,” correctional home superintendent Mr Chakraborty concluded.

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