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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sabitri Blames Cong-CPI-M for Jointly Attack Trinamul before Panchayeet Election

MALDA, 10 MARCH: District Trinamul Congress president and state women development and social welfare minister Sabitri Mitra has alleged that before the ensuing panchayet election the CPI-M and the Congress are organizing attacks on the Trinamul supporters and workers so that they cannot work for the ruling party in the election. Both the Congress and the CPI-M have rubbished the allegation of the district Trinamul chief and accused the ruling party of failure in recovering huge arms stored in different parts of the district.

Mrs Mitra said, “Recently a woman was killed in Sujapur. She was a party supporter. Local Trinamul leader Saharul Sheikh’s relative was brutally attacked in Sujapur too. In Baishnabnagar a youth was attacked after he had joined the Trinamul leaving the CPI-M. Again in Ratua a Trinamul worker’s wife was shot dead and the Congress MLA’s son was accused. On 9 March some of the Trinamul supporters were attacked jointly by the Congress and the CPI-M. They are trying to scare our supporters as they are frightened themselves by the quick expansion of the Trinamul across the district.”

She said that wherever the Trinamul supporters would be attacked she and another minister Krishnendu Choudhury would rush to stand by them and to encourage the Trinamul supporters at the grass-root level.

Superintendent of police Prasun Banerjee said, “Police have been alert. Against all complaints lodged, we are taking prompt action and accused have been arrested in many cases.” However, he did not like to comment if such clashes had any poitical colour. “We are actively looking into the cases without considering any political colour,” Mr Banerjee said.

District Congress spokesman and general secretary Kalisadhan Roy, however, rubbished Mrs Mitra’s allegation saying, “Goons never prefer to be with a party that cannot shield them. They prefer always being with the ruling party as they had been with the CPI-M previously.” Mr Roy rather blamed the Trinamul and said, “It’s actually an endavour to shift the attention of the people from the failure of the government in recovering huge cache of arms lying in different parts of the district.”

District CPI-M secretary Ambar Mitra also said, “It’s a fictitious allegation. We have no connection with the Congress. Rather Trinamul may have some secret tie up with them.” He also demanded the recovery of arms from different parts of the district before the panchayet election.

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