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Monday, April 1, 2013

Surjya Kanta Mishra Organizes Strong Attack against CM and TMC Govt

MALDA, 28 JAN: The leader of opposition Dr Surjya Kanta Mishra fell heavily on the chief minister Mamata Banerjee and the Trinamul Congress led state government today while delivering his speech in the open session on the concluding day of the 35th state conference of All India Kishan Sabha (AIKS).

AIKS president SR Pillai said, “It’s a phase of barbaric rule in the state now. The goons and mafias are at the commanding end in the Trinamul rule.” The state AIKS secretary Nripen Chowdhury, the state president Madan Ghosh too sternly criticized the state government today.

But indeed the star attraction was Dr Mishra who said, “78 farmers across the state have already committed suicide during the Trinamul rule and the Chief Minister is busy with festivals. TMC leaders have no time to visit the families of the deceased peasants. Instead the CM is now inaugurating the North Bengal festival in Siliguri and we have heard there would be ‘Mati festival’ in Burdwan soon spending Rs 30 crore shortly. How can one believe her statement that the state has been undergoing a financial crisis?”

“Before coming to power she promised to build an agricultural market and a cold storage in all blocks of the state. If such markets and cold storages have been built in all Malda blocks then Trinamul flags should be hoisted in all blocks. She has failed to keep her promises. On the contrary she has cancelled the compensation policy introduce by the Left Front government for the farmers facing losses citing the cause that it was not enough for them and she would introduce better compensation policy which she has not done yet. Hence, the troubles of the peasants have been aggravated,” Dr Mishra said.

“The CM always gives an opposite account of her deeds. If she says it would happen, it would never happen. She is not certain about the figures of employment also. Sometimes she says 3 lakh youth would get job and sometimes she says the figure is 6 lakh. If any single youth has got a job by her grace, I would suggest him to hold the TMC flag,” Dr Mishra ridiculed.

“Anarchy has also been let loose in education sector also. We built 15 universities in 34 years compared to onlky six universities built between 1947 and 1977. Nowadays, the teachers are scared. No one with a spine volunteers to be a vice chancellor or a principal of a college,” Dr Mishra said.

He alleged that the party leader Kousar Ali of Raina was arrested by police as he played an active role in organizing the peasants’ meeting in Raina of Burdwan after 18 months. “When Mr Ali was preparing for coming to Malda, superintendent of police himself entered his house and putting arms in his house framed false case against him.”  “Door of Mr Ali’s house was small and so police pushed machinegun through it. Had his doors been wider police would have put Borors Kaman in Mr Ali’s house,” he bantered.

Addressing the meeting of approximately 20,000 party supporters Dr M,ishra said, “No one is happy and safe in Trinamul rule. Even the party’s chief whip Sobhandeb Chatterjee too has beenb humiliated by the party workers. Hence, the CM too is not very happy nowadays."

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