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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

TMC Ministers Take On Dalu and CPI-M in Fair-Price Medicine Shop Inaugural Programme

MALDA, 10 MARCH: “Malda south MP is now the Union minister of state (MoS) but he stepped in Malda Medical College Hospital (MMCH) only one day. He can do many things as the Union health MoS but so far we have not seen anything of that sort. Even his suggestions for the improvement of the Medical College of his own district cannot be obtained as he is mostly not available,” said the state Tourism minister and English Bazaar Municipality (EBM) chairman Krishnendu Choudhuru during the inauguration of first fair-price medicine shop in the district at MMCH campus today.

Mr Choudhury in the inaugural programme also warned against the domination of brokers in MMCH. “A broker syndicate was active in MMCH since long. They used to run parallel system threatening the doctors, nurses and the health-staff. It would no more be tolerated,” he said.

Social welfare and women development minister and district Trinamul Congress president Sabitri Mitra also warned against the activities of the brokers within MMCH premises. “During the 34 years’ Left Front rule the hospital used to be run by the brokers. But the chief minister has brought a sea change and now the only motto would be to serve the people,” Mrs Mira said.

The 26th fair-price medicine shop was inaugurated today by the president of Indian Medical Association (IMA) and vice president of state medical council Dr Nirmal Majhi. Dr Majhi in his speech said that another 51 such shops would be opened in the state.

“We urge the doctors to prescribe the generic names of the drugs instead of brand names. State government is being strict in this regard. Temporarily 141 types of life-saving drugs would be available in the shop,” he said.

He also said that there was harsh criticism after series of crib death in MMCH but none mentioned that there were only four SNCUs in the state in 34 years while the Trinamul government had opened 40 SNCUs in within 2 years. He warned that probe would be made into the alleged corruptions in the health department during the CPI-M rule.

EBM councilor Chaitali Sarkar, MMCH vice principal Dr MA Rashid and super of the hospital Dr H Ari were present in today’s programme.

MMCH principal Dr UK Bhadra said that patients of MMCH and the other patients also can buy medicines from the shop at a price 51 percent lower than the private chemist shops.

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