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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sushil Roy Adamantly Supports Trinamul candidate in RS Election, Lebu Commits 'Technical' Error

Malda, 7 February, 2014: Dissident Congress MLA from Gazole Sushil Roy who today cast his vote in favour of Trinamul Congress in Rajya Sabha (RS) election explained that his decision to support the Trinamul was prompted by the chief minister Mamata Banerjee’s agenda of development. In the same breath Mr Roy claimed there was no monetary deal behind his decision.

Interestingly another rebel Congress MLA Abu Nasar Khan Choudhury (Lebu) eventually cast his vote in favour of Congress but his vote was not taken into account as he signed behind the ballot paper against the norms.

Though Lebu claimed innocence in this regard, speculations are rife about his stance which is being construed as a ‘decision of convenience’ by the political circles. Congress MP and Lebu’s niece Mausam Noor, however, defending her uncle said, “It was an unintentional error. My uncle felt sick while casting his vote and innocently committed the error.”

Sushil Roy
Gazole MLA Roy, nevertheless, seemed to be adamant in proclaiming his support to Trinamul. “I had a talk with the CM Mamata Banerjee and Trinamul general secretary Mukul Roy. They have assured me to upgrade Gazole as a municipality immediately. I am happy that the Trinamul has taken up the issue of the development of my constituency that has long been neglected by the Left Front as well as the Congress,” said.

He further conceded that he had been offered the membership of North Bengal Development Council. Claiming that his support to Trinamul was an ‘ethical decision’ the rebel Congress MLA said, “I was elected an MLA as a candidate of Congress-Trinamul alliance. When Congress and Left Front joined hands, it was obvious that I would support the Trinamul against the unholy nexus.”

District Congress president Noor slamming Roy said, “We apologize to the people of Gazole for nominating such a traitor in last assembly election. We are definite that there was huge deal of money to purchase sellable politicians like Sushil Roy. As per the AICC’s instruction block Congress would agitate before his residence.”

In response to Noor’s warning Roy adamantly said, “I was the solo leader of Gazole Congress and all my supporters are still with me for local development. I wonder if Congress would manage to gather a few people to demonstrate against me!”

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