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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dalu's Appreciation of Modi's Development Sparks Controversy

MALDA, APR 1, 2014: Congress candidate of Malda south constituency and Union minister AH Khan Choudhury (Dalu) has reportedly praised development in Gujrat by the BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi.  If Modi finally gets the mandate to be the PM, Khan Choudhury said, he would not mind meeting him for the sake of Malda’s development.

Such a remark from the Congress leader has no wonder sparked controversies. While TMC has not spared the chance of ridiculing Dalu, senior state Congress leaders defended their minority leader as much as possible.

Legendary Congress leader late Ghani Khan Choudhury’s brother Dalu is contesting from Malda south Lok Sabha seat this time. He is regarded as one of the popular minority face of state Congress too. Naturally, such a comment from a Congress minority leader may cheer up the BJP, as believed by the political observers.

Dalu said, “Gujrat is developed adequately. Modi may claim the credit of the development which has appealed to a large section of people. Naturally Mr Modi is capitalizing the issue of development. But it is hard to forget that he belongs to a party which is often criticized as a communal one. Modi too was accused of not taking a stern step during the formidable riot in Gujrat.”

When asked whether he would meet Modi if the latter becomes the Prime Minister, Dalu said, “I have no dogma in this regard. Prime Minister is a post and I have no hesitation to knock the PM’s door if it is hypothetically believed that Modi has become the PM. My constituency’s development is my priority and I am ready to go the PM not to any individual.”

Senior Trinamool Congress minister Krishnendu Choudhury made a dig at Dalu in this regard. “All he said was in his narrow business interest. He likes to keep all doors open. Perhaps sensing that his party would fail to come to the power, he has gradually started changing his hues,” Choudhury said.

Congress MP and former Pradesh Congress president Pradip Bhattacharya, however, defended Dalu. “Khan Choudhury did not have any cunning motive as it seems. He actually prioritizes development of his constituency. He may have thought that if somehow Congress cannot come to power, he is ready to go to the PM, whosoever he may be for Malda’s development,” Bhattacharya said adding that he does not agree that Modi stands for development. Recent statistics show that such developmental claims by Modi are mere jugglery of statistics.

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