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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Malkhan begged of life from police after arrest

Malda, 14 April, 2014: After arresting KLO northern chief Malkhan Singh yesterday around 2 am, police have been interrogating him extensively to gather crucial information about KLO top leadership and their agenda.

A senior police officer who was present during the interrogation said on condution of anonymity that soon after he was arrested Malkhan begged if the police personnel not to kill him. "He was probably reeling under fear that police might have killed him," the police officer said.

He further informed that Malkhan was unarmed when he was arrested.  The HK 33 automated rifle used by Malkhan was buried underground at one of his friend's house at Simla village in Bamangola police station. 

Malkhan Singh in police custody (Photo: Sudip Roy Choudhury)

"After he was arrested, he helped us to dig up the rifle from his friend's house, " the officer said.

He added that Malkhan during the interrogation informed police that after his narrow escape from police on 30 March, he walked approximately 28 kilometers to go to Bamangola from Gazole. Malkhan informed police that he tried to flee to Bangladesh or Nepal after police kept chasing him. However,  he deserted the idea as Central forces were deployed in Habibpur and Bamangola.

The officer on condition of anonymity said that Malkhan had informed police that he had sent four youths from Habibpur and Bamangola to KLO top leaders for arms training. However,  police did not disclose the names of those youths.

Police sources informed that Malkhan wanted water in the morning and ate rooti and sabji. His physical condition was stated to be police.

Malda SP Rupesh Kumar said that Malkhan is kept in 14 days police custody. Police have been interrogating him. What Malkhan Singh said cannot be disclosed in the interest of enquiry. 

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