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Monday, April 14, 2014

Malkhan's mother Hopes son's mainstreaming, neighbours relieved

Malda, 13 April, 2014: The peaceful village with all its paddy fields, greeneries, red-soiled roads, thatched huts and cow-sheds is no different from numerous other villages of the state. But a particular house built on 1.5 bighas of land, merely 500 meters away from Malda-Nalagola state highway distinguishes Kangsa village of Pakua gram panchayat in Bamangola police station as that is the address of dreaded KLO top brass Malkhan Singh alias Madhab Mandal who was nabbed by police quite early this morning around 2 am from Jamalpur forest in neighbouring Habibpur block.

Malkhan’s arrest has seemingly relieved the inhabitants of Kangsa village as they hope their repose at midnight would not be disrupted suddenly at nights by police personnel who raided the village even at odd hours in search of their prime target Malkhan who is fondly known as Madhab in the village.

A visit to Kangsa village around 7 am on Sunday morning revealed a weird silence that has gripped the village since the residents learnt about Madhab’s arrest. Nevertheless their facial expressions were suggestive of an alleviation coupled with inquisitiveness. Soon after reaching the village the residents started asking about Madhab. They all were pretty eager to know the current whereabouts of Madhab and how police arrested him.

Sidhubala Mandal, Malkhan’s mother put on an indifferent look when she opened the door. Her husband Sachin Mandal had gone to Pakua Haat and did not know about their elder son Madhab’s arrest even then. Madhab’s next brother Jadab was arrested too last month. Another brother Barun works in Kolkata. Youngest brother Karun is the only resort of the old parents.

Despondent mother of Malkhan Singh on Sunday at Kangsa village
The bamboo-fenced house has a mud-house in the front. At the rear there is a concrete one-storied building without paint and a Mangal Chandi temple, both built by Malkhan in 2012, the neighbours informed. The peasant family seems to be well-to-do. Madhab’s father has four cattle, 10 bighas of land and business of crops and vegetables.

While asked about her son Sindhubala’s early indifference melted into tears. She said, “Madhab’s militant life made the lives of the neighbours unbearable. We want peace now. We hope that the arrest would prove to be a boon for Madhab as it would pave way for his mainstreaming.”

Malkhan’s next-door neighbour Mohan Chandra Mandal, a 55 years old cab-driver said that it was initially hard to believe that young Madhab, who used to address him as Dadu (grandfather) since his childhood, had turned into a militant Malkhan who stole away the sleep of police department. “I have seen Madhab growing. But his activities as Malkhan are really alien to me. Long after his suddenly disappearance from village we came to know that Malkhan had joined KLO and earned notoriety as a militant,” Mandal said.

“We used to learn about his activities from media. Police used to raid the village to search him. I think now at least we would get rid of trampling of heavy police-boots now and then,” the old man hoped.

Another neighbour Sabita Mandal too echoed the feeling of relief. “Police have got the target. Now, hopefully we would have some peace after Madhab’s arrest. It is really reassuring for us.”

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