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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

'Never-before' Security Arrangements in 2nd Phase Poll: 50 Companies CPMF in Malda

MALDA, APR 4, 2014: Unprecedented security arrangements are being made by the Election Commission of India to ensure free, fair, smooth and peaceful polling in the second phase. As there are only 19 days to go before the general election in Malda, Central para military forces (CPMF) started route-march in different areas of the district. The CPMF personnel marched in Sujapur area in Kaliachak police station. In Chanchal and Habibpur areas too the CPMF personnel marched on Saturday.

Malda SP Rajesh Yadav informed that three companies of CPMF had already reached the district. One company CPMF was posted in Malda from before. Out of these four companies of SSB, two companies have been deployed in Kaliachak and one company each was deployed in Chanchal and Habibpur.
CPMF jawans marching in Sujapur (Photo: Sudip Roy Choudhury)
It may be mentioned that first phase of election in the state would be held on 17 April. The second phase is scheduled to be held on 24 April in four districts including three of North Bengal – Malda, North Dinajpur, south Dinajpur and Murshudabad.

It has been learnt from sources that highest number of CPMF personnel would be deployed in Malda compared to other two districts. In Malda 50 companies of CPMF would be deployed. Sources informed that there would be 13 companies of Tripura state armed police, 14 companies CRPF, 16 companies BSF and 10 companies SSB would be posted in Malda for Lok Sabha election.

In North Dinajpur 31 companies and in south Dinajpur 19 companies CPMF would be deployed. In Murshidabad 75 companies CPMF would be posted.

It may be mentioned that in 2009 the Lok Sabha election was held in Malda with only 12 companies of CPMF. This time the CPMF deployment is going to be four times higher than the last time.

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