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Monday, April 14, 2014

Surjya Kanta Targets Congress in Malda Poll Campaign

Malda, 9 April, 2014: Leader of opposition Surjya Kanta Mishra today vehemently attacked Congress, Trinamool Congress and BJP together while campaigning for Malda south CPM candidate Abul Hasnat Khan at Karbala ground of Kalikapur in Kaliachak.

Addressing the gathering in Congress bastion Mishra spent most of the time in attacking Congress. He said, “Congress led UPA government has ensured interest of only 122 billionaire families at cost of deprivation of 120 crore common people. Ten years back there were 13 such families but now the figure has leaped to 122 at the courtesy of the Congress government.”

Making a dig at the Congress the leader of opposition said, “On one hand the farmers are committing suicide in the country and on another, the ministers of the UPA government are looting the country. Hence, unemployment and price hike have become a night mare.”

Blaming the UPA government’s policies Mishra said, “UPA government has decontrolled the price of fertilizer, sugar and petroleum products. Common people are paying the price of it. UPA government has a hidden deal with Ambanis and allowed them to lift underground gas. There would be exuberant price hike of cooking gas after the election. Congress is responsible for it.”
Surjya Kanta Mishra with CPIM Lok Sabha candidates in Malda (Photo: Sudip Roy Choudhury)
“Congress government in Centre has done nothing for the unorganized labourers. Bidi-labourers are completely deprived. Hence, time has come to throw them away. Now, Congress has been crying over the terrorism by the Trinamul. It is the fault of the Congress to promote Trinamool in the state. Now, they are facing the heat,” Mishra said.

Ridiculing the Congress he further said, “Congress would get less than 100 seats in Lok Sabha. Their condition is like bald headed man with countable hairs on head.” He urged the people to cast away the Congress.

Mishra warned, “If BJP comes to power, situation would further worsen. BJP is not only a communal force. They would protect the interest of the billionaires more meticulously than the Congress.” He said that BJP was an agent of RSS and only Left Front could keep such a “detrimental” force away from power.

Rebuking the Trinamool, the CPI-M politbureau member said, “They have no respect for any democratic institution like election commission or human rights commission. Even the Trinamool workers are being victimized in factional feud. Trinamool does not have the courage to order CBI probe for major scams that have taken place in their tenure.”

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