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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

TMC Candidate in Malda south Imitates Ghani before filing nomination

MALDA, APR 2, 2014: He performed the rituals used to be performed by late ABA Ghani Khan Choudhury, whom he considers to be his mentor. Malda south Trinamool Congress candidate Dr Moajjem Hossain’s first destination was Manaskamana temple where he worshipped the deity and sought the blessings from the priest. He rushed to Pirana Pir Darga to seek blessings again and finally reached the district collectorate building around 11 am to file nomination.

Dr Hossain explained, “Ghani Khan Choudhury set the example of secularism. I want to follow it. I sought blessings from deities and Allah together. Barkat Da taught me not to distinguish between religions and I follow his advices bit by bit.”

Another interesting scene was the assembly of Trinamool leaders of all factions who were present with him during submission of nomination. District Trinamul president and social welfare minister Sabitri Mitra, tourism minister and English Bazaar municipality (EBM) chairman Krishnendu Choudhury, vice chairman of EBM Dulal Sarkar, district youth Trinamool chief Amlan Bhaduri and district women wing’s chief Chaitali Sarkar clubbed together with Dr Hossain which is an exceptional frame of Trinamool’s unity.

Dr Hossain said, “Voters of Malda south would vote for change this time. They had huge expectations and demands which have not been fulfilled in last eight years. Hence, they want to voice their dreams through Mamata Banerjee who has changed Bengal in only three years.”

Trinamool leaders like Mitra and Choudhury too echoed Dr Hossain’s aspiration. It is a changed Bengal now. Malda people want to walk together with rest of the state and thus they are sure to elect Mamata Banerjee’s candidate in Malda south, they said.

Mitra added that Malda north TMC candidate Soumitra Ray would tender his nomination on Thursday.

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