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Friday, October 10, 2014

BDO, Police injured in Old Malda, TMC-CPM accused

Malda, 9 October, 2014: Jatradanda village in Malda police station virtually turned into a battlefield centering no-confidence motion against Trinamul Congress panchayat pradhan. BDO Dulenn Roy and six police personnel were injured by brickbats.. Police had to resort to extensive baton-charge to disperse the mob. Six rounds of rubber-bullets were fired as well. Finally, the no confidence motion raised by Congress was passed.

TMC supporters blocking road at Jatradanga
Out of 15 elected members of Jatradanga GP in Old Malda seven belong to Congress while CPI-M, Trinamul and RSP have six members. Trinamul and RSP have one member each. In 2013 Congress and Trinamul jointly formed the panchayat. Shatabdi Sarkar of Trinamul was elected the pradhan and Subhash Sarkar of Congress was made the deputy.

In recent political development Trinamul allegedly tried to remove Subhash Sarkar with the help of CPI-M members. Meanwhile, Congress managed to get support of a CPI-M member Karan Hembram and raised no-confidence against Trinamul pradhan. This irked both Trinamul and CPI-M.

According BDO Dulen Roy convened a meeting on Thursday to discuss the no-confidence motion. Sensing that the situation may turn hostile Mr Roy along with a large contingent of police led by IC, Malda Asish Deb reached the spot around 10 am. From 11 am Trinamul and CPI-M supporters blocked the road that leads to Jatradanga GP with an eye to preventing the Congress and the dissident CPI-M members from entering the office.

Police combating the aggressive CPI-M supporters with flags
BDO and magistrate Roy asked Trinamul and CPI-M supporters through microphone to vacate the road which they allegedly paid no heed to. Finally, police moved to disperse the mob when brickbats were lobbed by the mob targeting police and BDO.

Roy was attacked from behind and hit on his right shoulder. He was immediately rushed to local hospital. Head of Bibekananda Roy (48), a police staff was fractured. He was rushed to Malda Medical College Hospital (MMCH). Five other police personnel were injured. It was then police resorted to extensive baton-charge and used pump action gun. Six rounds of rubber bullets were fired.

Old Malda Congress MLA Bhupendranath Haldar blamed CPI-M and Trinamul for attacking police and magistrate. “We are happy that the unholy nexus of CPI-M and Trinamul was exposed today. However, the no-confidence motion was passed and we had a moral victory,” he said.

Trinamul leader Nabaranjan Sinha and CPI-M leader Anarul Islam claimed that Congress was illegally trying to capture the GP by horse-treading. They said that the unrest was sparked at the instigation of Congress.

SDO (Sadar) Nandini Saraswati termed the attack on the magistrate as an ‘unprecedented’ incident and said police would be requested to act accordingly.

SP, Malda Prasun Banerjee said, “Five persons were arrested. But their political identity is yet to be ascertained. We are trying to identify other attackers from the video-footage. Police picket has been posted. Patrolling is on. Situation is now under control.”

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