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Thursday, October 9, 2014

BJP criticizes TMC-CPM bonhomie during puja

Malda, 30 September, 2014: Durga Puja, the biggest festival of the state has not only cast its charm over the people from all walks of the society, the message of harmony as fluted by the festival has also brought the die-hard political enemies together in public.

Youth wings of the Trinamul Congress and CPI-M have built stalls at the heart of English Bazaar town to reach the people capitalizing on the large turnout on the four days of festivity. The two stalls constructed by the political opponents have hardly any distance between.

Interestingly, the area where Trinamul and CPI-M youths constructed their stalls is known as Shyamaprasad Mukherjee square named after the founder of Hindu Mahasabha, the predecessor of the BJP which has recently posed a huge political threat in the state both for the Trinamul and the CPI-M.
BJP's stall at a distance

Neighbouring puja stalls of TMC and CPI-M youth wings
BJP is no less away in utilizing the festive season as well. A careful notice would reveal the stall of the BJP at less than 50 meter distance from those of the CPI-M and the Trinamul.

When asked whether setting up the stalls with virtually no gap of space was made meticulously to bury the hatchet during the puja days, former district SFI secretary Animesh Sinha said, “It was merely coincidental. We are against the ways and policies of the Trinamul Congress but have no personal bias against any individual. We would do our public relation and do not mind if the Trinamul does the same from their stall. We believe in democracy.”

President of English Bazaar town youth Trinamul Anirban Das too preached political fraternity quite contrary to the theories preached by some their party leaders like Anubrata Mandal, Tapas Pal or Manirul Islam. “Existence of CPI-M’s stall just beside ours shows that the allegation of political highhandedness against us is fictitious. We are sure people would see our political endurance as always preached by our supremo Mamata Banerjee,” Das said.

District BJP general secretary Ajay Ganguly, however, did not let the opportunity to mock his opponents. “The neighbouring puja stalls of the CPI-M and the Trinamul our symbolic of their resemblance in corruption and atrocities. We are much different from them and so our stall is at a safe di8stance from them here also,” Ganguly said with a smile.

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