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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Misuse and Replication of car-passes harass police and pandal-hoppers during puja days

Malda, 5 October, 2014: Fake currency peddling has been a perennial headache for Malda police but during the festive days this year the police personnel had to battle against fake vehicle-pass holders. The special vehicle-passes during During Puja days, when vehicular restriction was in force, were issued by none other than police to be used for special necessities and not for pandal hopping.

Senior officials of district police including the SP, Malda Prasun Banerjee conceded that the unauthorized use of such car-passes actually proved to be a menace particularly in the district head-quarter English Bazaar.

Officer in charge (traffic) Manabendra Saha informed that 100 passes were issued for two-wheelers and another 120 passes were issued for four-wheelers.

But to the dismay of police personnel at least 300 to 400 vehicles kept running to and fro causing huge inconvenience to the common pedestrians though the police assured them of smooth and peaceful pandal hopping on foot.

A police official from English Bazaar police station anticipated that many of those authorized passes were scanned or photo-copied in ditto and a number of persons used those fake-passes at random disrupting the traffic. “A hologram may prevent such replication of car-passes during puja,” he said.

It has also been alleged by the common people that some nongovernmental organization members collected a large number of passes from police and simply misused them in the name of rendering service to people. Pramila Banerjee, a house maker in her mid-thirty, said, “It is quite disgusting to see some so-called elite people keep running on wheel with car-passes at the cost of our smooth pandal hoping. I just wonder what these people do by opening road-side stalls in the name of serving the people and collect car-passes only to hamper our uninterrupted walking!”

Sources in police further informed that not only some NGOs but even some petty leaders of the political parties collected and misused car-passes. No wonder the allegation is more against the ruling party leaders than the other parties. “You know it all. We have to compromise in some cases. So, we kept our eyes shut though we know what is what. Moreover, some government and autonomous bodies too collected more than required number of passes,” said an officer from English Bazaar police station.

SP, Malda Prasun Banerjee, who relentlessly kept monitoring the law and order himself round the clock is also aware of the menace and did not suppress his strong annoyance. “It is simply a breach of trust by many of those whom we issued those passes. We issued the passes on good faith but I have heard that those were misused in many cases. Some instances have been reported to us already. We are considering how this menace could be eradicated,” Banerjee said.

He informed that at least a hundred youths were detained from and around Ramakrishna Mission areas on 2 October during Kumari puja anticipating nuisance by them.

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