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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Womenfolk ransack hooch den in English Bazaar, rough up drunkards

Malda, 8 October, 2014: Reportedly frustrated with police inaction more than a hundred women of Gopalnagar village under Kajigram gram panchayat in English Bazaar police station today got on the streets armed with rod, sticks, brooms and ransacked illegal liquor shops at the locality.

The miffed women like Pratima Mandal, Sathi Mandal, Reba Singh, Ayesha Bibi, Sulekha Bibi alleged that hooch trade had flourished exorbitantly at the locality. Country liquor is being manufactured in large quantity illegally at small huts. Even some hooch makers are publicly manufacturing and selling hooch at mango orchards and even on the roads.

In face of the women’s drive the liquor sellers scampered away from the locality. However, few youths consuming liquor were caught by the women and roughed up.

Enraged women ransacking hooch-den in English Bazaar on Wednesday

The women’s mob destroyed as many as 400 bottles of country and foreign liquor. The women alleged that male members of their family were taken to drinking so much that they were even selling valuables to gather money for drinking. The addiction led to law and order problem in the locality as well, they claimed.

The women alleged that police were informed repeatedly to dismantle the illegal liquor shops. But allegedly no action was taken. The women further declared that they would form a peace committee to prevent illegal liquor trade in the locality.

SP, Malda Prasun Banerjee said, “Allegation of police negligence is not true. Police make the best effort to prevent such illegal trade from flourishing. Police would however speak to those women and try to work out on their grievances.”

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