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Friday, November 7, 2014

Civic Volunteer’s parents seek apologies from Mamata Banerjee

Malda, 16 October, 2014: Parents of Bapi Pal, the civic volunteer from Harischandrapur who was arrested for passing vulgar remarks against the chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Facebook, met him at Malda correctional home today amid tears and sought unconditional pardon from the CM through media for the ‘gross mistake’ of their youngest son.

A retired railway employee Mukul Pal and his wife Sulochana Pal reached Malda from Harischandrapur by train today and went straight to the correctional home to meet Bapi. The young civic volunteer burst in tears seeing his parents waiting outside the jail. The parents too could not help sobbing.

Pal said, “What Bapi did is a huge mistake. He was out of service for four months and was reeling under acute depression. Perhaps he made the elephantine mistake under the spell of frustration.”

However, he with eyes full of tears sought unconditional apologies from the CM for his son’s mistake. “Bapi never spends a night outside. Now, he is in jail. It is beyond endurance of the parents,” Pal said hoping that his son’s mistake would be generously forgiven and he would be freed soon.

Residents of Janakinagar village too hoped that though Bapi’s mistake was a huge one, the chief minister Mamata Banerjee would forgive him.

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