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Friday, November 7, 2014

More than 10,000 Bangladesh nationals living in Malda with EPIC claims BJP

Malda, 14 October, 2014: More than ten thousand Bangladesh citizens have been living in different areas in the district. A large number of such people have also taken refuge in English Bazaar as well and many of them have already got their voter-cards as well. Claiming this BJP has demanded immediate action against those Bangladesh nationals.

District BJP leaders said that they have been long been raising the issue and the district administrations have not yet taken any action in this regard yet.

District BJP general secretary Ajay Ganguly said, “Whenever we served deputations to the district administrations, we informe the officials about such people from Bangladesh who are living in the district. Surprisingly, many of them have managed to get the electors’ photo-identity cards (EPICs) as well.”

“It is not that we are highlighting the matter only after the explosion in Burdwan. This is an old and proven fact. But the district administrations have not been acting on this seriously despite our several reminders,” Ganguly claimed.

Malda DM Sharad Dwivedi however refused to comment in this regard. But administrative sources informed that a large number of such voters who still hold their citizenship in Bangladesh as well  have been identified and proper action would be taken in this regard.

Meanwhile it has been learnt from district administration sources that the draft voters’ list for 2014-2015 would be published on Wednesday and there would be provisions for inclusion and exclusion. Interestingly, there has been substantive rise in the number of voters in few assembly constituencies according to sources.

Sources further informed that in the draft voters’ list there are 2,29,692 voters in English Bazaar with a rise of approximately 3,000 voters in a gap of only few months, administrative sources informed. In Malda (SC) assembly constituency the number of voters in the draft voters’ list is 1,95,524 and there has been a rise of approximately 2,000 voters. It has been learnt from sources that total number of electors in the district in the draft voters’ list is 23,92,681.

During his recent visit to Malda state BJP president Rahul Sinha sternly criticized the state government and former UPA government on the issue of infiltration from Bangladesh. Sinha said that after the NDA government came to power, strict vigil was being maintained to prevent such infiltrations from Bangladesh.

District Trinamul Congress president Dr Moazzem Hossain however said that BJP was trying to create sensation raising such issues. “BSF is under the Central government and hence it is the responsibility of the Central government to prevent infiltration,” Dr Hossain said.

State INTUC general secretary Narendranath Tiwary has also criticized BJP’s claim. “BJP is in power in the centre now. So, they should concentrate on preventing infiltration rather than indulging in politics on worn-out issues.”

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