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Friday, November 7, 2014

Police recover crude bombs, CID diffuse

Malda, 17 October, 2014: Within 24 hours of the third recent explosion at Hatichapa village in Kaliachak, district police recovered considerable number of 'deadly' live bombs from near a cemetry at Kanditola village of BinnagarII gram panchayat in Kaliachak police stations on Thursday night. Those bombs were disposed off by the bomb squad personnel of the CID today around 12.30 pm on the spot.

Bombs found in Kaliachak
Though the villagers claimed that as many as 57 such bombs were recovered,  SP Prasun Banerjee informed that no more than 15 bombs were recovered.

CID officials diffusing bombs
Banerjee refused to comment about the type of the bombs but saod those were essentially crude ones.

Those bombs were in size of small plastic balls in which red and white powder were inserted. Those balls are first cut in two equal pieces and after puting explosive powder within those two parts are attached again as learnt from sources.

Sources further informed that such pretty handy bombs are known as 'cocktail bombs' as two different explosive powders - red and white in colour are used to manufacture those bombs.

These bombs have recently become popular among miscreants as those can be lobbed to a distant target and that too safely.

A four-member bomb squad of CID led by Mr Malay Bhadra reached Kanditola village and disposed those bombs off today. Deafening sound produced during diffusion scared the villagers.

Trinamul upa-pradhan of BinnagarII GP Bablu Sheikh said recovery of bombs and explosions show the rise in miscreants' activities.

SP Prasun Banerjee however said that district police team have been performing commendably in curbing crimes.

"Recovery of these bombs show that Malda police personnel have the unquestionable ability to monitor and curb crimes well in advance. The rank and file of district police are working round the clock to ensure security of the citizens," he said.

The SP further informed that police have been probing to know whether the recovery of those bombs was in any way connected to the recent explosions in the district. "

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