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Friday, November 7, 2014

Unrecognized madrassahs come under lens

Malda, 14 October, 2014: Initiative on the part of the police administrations has been taken to gather information about the unauthorized madrassahs in the district, claims sources in the education department. Though the heads of the district and police administrations forthright denied any such recent initiative, it has been learnt from the district education department that police asked for some information about the unauthorized madrassahs in the district.

It may be mentioned that The Statesman published on the basis of the intelligence sources that around 450 such madrassahs are being run at different areas in the district. However, district and police administrations have no specific information about the number of such Khariji madrassahs.

Malda DM Sharad Dwivedi on Tuesday said, “We have no information about the number of unrecognized madrassahs in the district. We have received no such instruction also to gather information about those as well.”

It may be mentioned that on 10 October additional SP Abhishek Modi also conceded that district police did not have the precise information regarding the accurate number of unauthorized madrassahs in the district.

However, intelligence sources informed approximately 450 such madrassahs are mushrooming in different parts of the district. Three blocks in Kaliachak, two blocks each in Ratua have good number of such madrassahs, the intelligence sources informed.

District minority affairs office also could not furnish data about such Khariji madrassahs. But the district officer of minority affairs (DOMA) Krishnava Ghosh informed that once initiative was taken to collect list of such unrecognized madrassahs but later the process is yet to be complete.

But following the explosion at Khafragarh in Burdwan and allegedly suspected activities in Shimulia Madrassah eye-brows were raised about the Khariji madrassahs in the district. State BJP president Rahul Sinha during his recent visit to Malda said that despite the warning of the UPA government, the state government did not take the right policy about such Khariji madrassahs.

It has been learnt from sources that now police have already started gathering information though verbally about the Khariji madrassahs in the district. A senior official of the district education department preferring anonymity on Tuesday said, “We were informally asked by police about the unrecognized madrassahs. But we have no information in this regard. What we can only furnish is the details of the 93 recognized madrassahs which are being run in strict adherence to the guidelines and policies of the state government and West Bengal Board of Madrassah Education.”

SP Prasun Banerjee, however, rubbished the matter. “We have never asked any education official to furnish details about any type of madrassahs,” Mr Banerjee said.

Meanwhile, the sources in the intelligence department have once again confirmed that the Khariji madrassahs in the district are under the lens and details about those institutions are being procured from numerous sources.

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