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Saturday, January 31, 2015

A different war against drugs

Malda, 27 January: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s message nation to fight against drugs with zero tolerance has perhaps moved Iqbal Said of Nasik in Maharashtra to a great extent as he displayed the strength of a sound body by pulling an SUV (sports utility vehicle) with his hair or lifting a couple of chairs merely with his eyelids here today.

The exhibition at Bibigram area in English Bazaar gathered innumerable inquisitive eyes who initially refused to believe the claims of Sayed (30) who has already traveled from Kashmir to Kerala with his anti-drug campaign.

However, applause knew no bound as Sayed pulled up an SUV at least a hundred metre with his hair in broad daylight. It was not the end of his skill. The Marathi youth easily picked two heavy chairs with his eyelids, rotated a bicycle with his hair and broke bricks and stones with a single blow of his feast. As the audience was mesmerized, Sayed divulged his purpose.

“You have just seen the strength of a sound body. Generating such strength is possible only when you stay away from drugs and narcotics. For building a stronger nation we want strong youths and let us vow together to fight against drugs that have been killing the nation silently,” said Sayed.

The audience was fascinated by the self-less call of the youth. “Words would fall short to laud the noble mission of the youth. His stamina is simply incredible. We hope he would inspire youths and teenagers amply in the nation’s fight against drugs,” said Hassan Ali Shah, an advocate and organizer of the show.

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