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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Abducted medicine dealer rescued from Baishnabnagar, one arrested

Malda, 4 February, 2015: A businessman dealing in medicine has been rescued by police from the den of kidnappers in Baishnabnagar police station early this morning after conducting a raid in civil dress. One Akhil Mandal (26) suspected to be one of the abductors was arrested by police. Seaches are being made in search of the other members of the abduction gang.

Rescued medicine dealer with police on Wednesday
It has been learnt from police sources that the said medicine dealer Parthasarathi Jha (37) of Babla Kamalpur village in Kaliachak police station was returning to his house on 30 January night along with his other relatives by a sports utility vehicle (SUV) after attending the marriage ceremony of his sister in Malda town.

The alleged kidnappers reportedly seven to eight in number stopped the SUV with their vehicle at Laxmipur area on Malda-Manikchak state highway and after roughing him up abducted Mr Jha in front of his helpless relatives.

Abductor in police custody
Tarun Chakraborty, maternal uncle of the abducted trader lodged a written a police complaint the next day. Accordingly police started haunting to rescue Mr Jha in a safe condition.

Meanwhile the kidnappers demanded a ransom of Rs 30 lakh by calling the family of Mr Jha. Acting on a tip off police came to know that the medicine dealer was confined in a house at Kumbhira area in Baishnabnagar police station. One of the abductors who was on vigil of Mr Jha was arrested too.

Mr Jha said that he was confined in a mango grove on first night. Later, the kidnappers took him to different places of Baishnanbagar block and demanded the ransom.

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