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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Direct election for college students' unions proves to be fatal for TMCP

Malda, 1 February: Performance of Trinamul Chhatra Parishad (TMCP) in students’ union election in different colleges of the district has raised several crucial questions regarding the strength of the students’ wing of the state’s ruling party. TMCP has won the students’ union of only Samsi College in Chanchal sub division defeating the Chhatra Parishad (CP) and Students’ Federation of India (SFI) in a direct contest. Naturally, TMCP’s uncontested victory in five other educational institutions is being interpreted by the oppositions as the consequence of muscle flexing.
Out of 11 colleges in the district TMCP won Malda College, Women’s College and Gour College uncontested. Election was not held in Manikchak College and Harishchandrapur College. Election has been deferred in Pakuahaat College. Election was held in Kaliachak College, South Malda College, Samsi College, Chanchal College and Gazole College. Except Samsi College, TMCP could not virtually stand in election in other colleges where the students’ union election was held on 29 January.

Out of three institutions of technical education TMCP won Malda Polytechnic College and Habibpur Polytechnic College uncontested. Election was not held in Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in Malda.

Now, questions are being raised about the performance of TMCP in those colleges where TMCP faced an election. In South Malda College TMCP did not get a single seat. In Chanchal College TMCP finished its race with just two seats. In Kaliachak College and Gazole College also TMCP failed to attain the majority. TMCP’s only consolation is Samsi College where the organization registered an emphatic victory.
District SFI president Amit Jha said, “TMCP has been cut to size wherever the common students could exercise their franchise. TMCP forcibly prevented our supporters from filing nomination in the colleges located in English Bazaar or adjacent areas. Their muscle flexing was protested by the common students of the rural colleges. Thus TMCP’s skeleton has been exposed. If there had been a free and democratic environment in Malda College, Women’s College and Gour College, the result would have been different.”

Mohammed Babul Sheikh, the district CP president too ridiculed TMCP’s deplorable performance in rural colleges. “TMCP’s devastating defeat in South Malda College, Chanchal College, Kaliachak College and Gazole College proves that the ruling party’s students’ organization captured three colleges in English Bazaar and Old Malda simply by generating an environment of fear. Demorcracy has been upheld by the students of rural colleges.”

District president of Akhul Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) Partha Ghosh said, “TMCP forced Pakuahaat College authorities to plead for suspending the students’ union election sensing their imminent defeat there as well.”

District Trinamul Youth Congress president Amlan Bhaduri said, “I was in charge of election in Samsi College on behalf of the Trinamul Congress. We have proved that it is still possible to win the college union by facing an election. TMCP by its organizational has won all 19 seats in Samsi College. We have proved our popularity among the students.” “It is always sweet to win the students’ union through election rather than ensuring the victory uncontested,” Mr Bhaduri said significantly.

District TMCP president Prasenjit Das however finds no wrong in winning uncontested. “Our dedication to the students has enabled us win students’ unions of five educational institutions uncontested. Additionally, we have won Samsi College and for the first time got two seats in Chanchal College.” Mr Das added that reasons of failure in other colleges would be discussed in the party. 

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