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Friday, February 13, 2015

Gazole farmers allege fraud against Trinamul worker

Malda, 11 February, 2015: Allegation of a huge monetary fraud scamming hundreds of farmers has been raised against one Bhushan Sarkar in Gazole who is claimed to be a Trinamul Congress worker and close to local MLA Sushil Roy. A complaint has been lodged with Gazole police station today by the farmers. SP Prasun Banerjee said that police had already started a probe into the allegation.

It has been learnt from police sources that known as an active Trinamul worker Bhushan promised a non-refundable loan of Rs 10,000 to each of 250 farmers in 2010. Even he asked them to submit their documents and those farmers got the money as promised by the Trinamul worker.

But recently those farmers reportedly received a notice from the State Bank of India, Gazole branch asking them to return Rs 50,000 including the interest. The crest fallen farmers like Ujjwal Pramanik, Shyamal Sarkar of Ghakshol village, Satyen Rajbanshi of Fatehpur village alleged that they went tried to communicate the matter to Bhushan seeking his clarification but the Trinamul worker remained untraced.

After the notice was served to those farmers again in the first week of February, the farmers tried to draw attention of the block development officer of Gazole Souvik Mukherjee on 7 February.

Those farmers lodged a written complaint against the youth and the then branch manager of the bank Manoj Kumar.

Gazole MLA Sushil Roy, who is now attached to Trinamul, said, “I do not believe Bhushan can indulge in such a huge corruption. I have heard some corrupt officials of the bank were behind the corruption.”

BDO Mr Mukherjee conceded that some farmers alleged a financial scam which was being looked into.

Accused Bhushan Sarkar could not be contacted for comment. SP Prasun Banerjee said, “A complaint of a financial fraud has been lodged with Gazole police station. Police have got some evidences in primary investigation. A thorough probe is being followed.”

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